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35 Best NES Games of All Time

For the 20th anniversary of the Official Nintendo Magazine, we have reviewed the 35 best NES games of each of the Nintendo consoles. So we started our selection with the best 35 titles of the legendary NES console.

The Official Nintendo Magazine turns 20 and, to celebrate, we review the 35 best titles we have played in each of the 10 Nintendo consoles. Therefore, we headed the list of NES games with the selection of the mythical console of 8 bits of Nintendo, the NES.

Since its kick-off, on July 15, 1983, in Japan, in the lambda was the 8 bits and with a pad with two unique buttons (A and B), allowed us to control the great stars and protagonists of the history of the video games in their beginnings, mostly created by the incredible genius Miyamoto , like the legendary Link, or the nice plumber in red cap and blue jumpsuit called Mario!

The NES delighted us with hours and hours of entertainment and fun offering us many forms of play when the sector still had not behind them or ten years of life and, although there were many games that are remembered today, some are still alive through sagas already consecrated and others, no less important, helped to create the myth of Nintendo .

The selection, as you can imagine, has been quite close, but these are the games that, in our opinion, are the top 35 with the best NES games in history. What do you think? Would you add any more?

1. Super Mario Bros 3 (Nintendo, 1988)

Super Mario Bros 3 nes gameSuper Mario Bros 3 nes

Going through each of the fantastic worlds of Super Mario Bross 3 and getting to defeat the fearsome Bowser and his seven children at the end of each world was a challenge. Not to mention the many ” power up ” of the game, like that of the blade that transformed us into Mario Raccoon that allowed us to fly, or the frog suit with which we could dive with total freedom, opened many possibilities for exploration that They make this game win their place on our list of NES games.

2. The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo, 1987)

As expected, the classic The Legend of Zelda occupies a central place. It’s been 20 years since the adventures of our legendary Link in the kingdom of Hyrule in his fight against the evil sorcerer Ganon and save Princess Zelda. A title that took us into an epic fantasy world that was the beginning of one of the most successful sagas in the history of best NES games of all time.

3. Super Mario Bros (Nintendo, 1985)

Considering that it was considered the first Nintendo side-scrolling video game platform and that its launch contributed to a large number of sales, even popularizing the console, Super Mario Bros is a true jewel of NES , where entertainment and fun travel the 8 worlds to finally reach the rescue of the daughter of King Mushroom, not missing.

4. Metroid (Nintendo, 1986)

Incarnate a robot inside which hides a young bounty hunter hired by the Galactic Federation with the mission to recover organisms known as ” Metroid ” of the fearsome Space Pirates. We entered a galactic adventure, traveling the planet Zebes with a diversity of platforms, action and much exploration. An ideal combination to make this title a great game of NES.

5. Mega Man 2 (Capcom, 1988)

A robotic and complicated plot developed in “futuristic” scenarios and platforms full of missions and action make this game of NES hooked us for hours to get to complete each level and get to defeat Dr. Wily and his robots obsessed with dominating the world. For this mega man had to transform and give the best of himself because none of the robots that were in areas favorable to their abilities made it easy for us.

6. Castlevania III: Drácula’s Curse (Konami, 1989)

A game that teleported us to the Europe of 1476, which was threatened by Dracula who wanted to conquer it with his army of monsters. We put ourselves in the shoes of Trevor Belmont that accompanied by a priestess and a pirate, we assumed the mission of ending the immortal and feared bloodsucker …

7. Kirby’s Adventure (Nintendo, 1993)

The famous and adorable little pink ball able to fly and absorb their enemies, also with the ability to copy their attacks or spit them out, conquered us in NES, where completing the animated phases, maps, minigames or collecting treasures was an entertaining hobby. Kirby’s Adventure is a unique and unique game that has flown many more platforms since then to land on Wii.

8. Super Mario Bros 2 (Nintendo, 1988)

In a different mission in which you have to save a village from the domain of Wart , and not to rescue the princess as usual, for the first time, in a Mario game we could choose between different characters (Mario, the princess, Luigi o Toad, with different advantages and abilities) to our own protagonist of the adventure to complete the 7 worlds and save the people from the subcons of the yoke of the evil boss Wart …

9. Kid Icarus (Nintendo, 1987)

The fantastic platform game that captivated us all in NES and that marked the beginning of the Kid Icarus saga. Getting into the skin of the angel Pit our main objective was to defeat all the creatures of the underworld with the magic arc of Palutena, while we obtained hearts, and collect items to progress in the adventure, a game that brought us entertainment for a while!

10. Final Fantasy (Square, 1987)

The first game of the legendary Square saga that is more than 25 years old, began at NES to hook us with a fantastic plot and wide maps divided into a diversity of zones and colorful characters, from elves, dwarves, goblins or fierce dragons with whom face in exciting combats teleport portion us to an epic world where fantasy complemented by great melodic themes make Final Fantasy one of the most emblematic names in the history of video games.

11. Gradius (Konami, 1986)

Known as the first game in the Gradius saga, this exclusive title was characterized by the use of the ” Power meter ” and by taking control of a galactic interdimensional combat ship to face a multitude of enemies through many different scenarios and get valuable items to continue advancing in the adventure. A game that made us enjoy the best galactic battles of the time …

12. Metal Gear (Konami, 1987)

Metal Gear could not be left out of our great selection to mark the beginning of a great saga and be one of the best NES games of all time in which first war infiltration and stealth, were crucial in the development of the game. Take control of Snake, the elite soldier expert in combat tactics, with the aim of infiltrating a military base to eliminate the prototype Metal Gear tank, was the perfect challenge with which to provide a good dose of war entertainment.

13. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! (Nintendo, 1987)

After the success of the video game series Punch Out, Nintendo brought us to NES an exclusive adaptation based on the original recreational, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. An excellent title that hit the boxers fans of boxing.

14. Ninja Gaiden (Tecmo, 1988)

Ninja Gaiden, the mythical platform Ninjas video game, although it presented a simple plot in which we only had to spend a few stages of the game defeating our enemies to get to face the final boss of each act, we wound up and could not be out of our selection.

15. Against (Probotector) (Konami, 1988)

Based on the Contra saga, Konami delighted us in Europe with a version for NES, where humans replaced us with cybernetic robots and were renamed Probotector. A game that showed very good graphics for those times and with a fabulous plot where we could advance through the stages jumping, shooting, picking up power-ups or even sliding on the ground until we reached the final boss of the area. we could not miss the list of NES games!

16. Double Dragon (Technos Japan, 1988)

Considered as one of the most celebrated fighting games, like Probotector for its good graphics level for the time, in addition to detailed scenarios, variety of attacks, and the ability to play cooperatively with another player to advance the story, they turned Double Dragon in a classic reference to follow for other titles ” beat em up “.

17. Duck Tales (Capcom, 1989)

From the fabulous Disney cartoon series, Duck Adventures, Capcom brought us the video game for the NES console. Although it is a relatively short and easy game (since it is usually intended for children) find the hidden diamonds, items, treasures all loaded with an original animation takes us into a mythical adventure of the hand of the uncle Scrooge, his nephews and company.

18. RC Pro-Am (Rare, 1988)

The RC Pro-Am of NES , was one of the first racing car games to present combat with vehicles, in which you could use missiles or bombs to temporarily deactivate your opponent, even giving us the opportunity to dodge obstacles along the way (potholes, puddles) making us enjoy the most exciting and competitive car races.

19. Micro Machines (Codemasters, 1991)

The mythical miniature car racing game that gave us hours and hours of entertainment, with two modes of best nes games of all time, single player mode, where we played the first place with the other participants, or multiplayer mode, in which we competed against the other players along the circuits, made this title a classic of car racing video games.

20. Battletoads (Rare, 1991)

Selected as one of the best NES games catalogs, we finished the list with Battletoads. Immersed in the rescue mission of Professor T. Bird, our protagonists, amphibious fighters, will have to face different enemies in different scenarios to rescue Pimple and Princess Angelica from the evil Dark Queen. With great varieties in the gameplay such as the possibility of enjoying phases of driving on a flying motorcycle or surfboard, together with an exclusive originality made this title an unbelievable wonder.

21. Excitebike (Nintendo, 1986)

Motorcycle racing against the clock, rivals, and obstacles. To make a podium, you have to take care of the temperature of the engine and the jumps. Difficulty through the clouds.

22. Ice Climber (Nintendo, 1986)

Popo and Nala have to destroy 32 icy roofs with hammering, and at the same time kill polar bears, birds, and seals. As fun as it sounds.

23. Pinball (Nintendo, 1986)

Fun pinball simulator, which includes a bonus phase with Arkanoid touch, in which Mario has to save the beloved Pauline.

24. Mega Man 3 (Capcom, Wii 1992)

Add and follow in success, quality, and difficulty. They added the robot puppy Rush and the possibility of sliding on the floor. For many, the best Mega Man.

25. Mega Man 4 (Capcom, Wii  1993)

New levels for the successful formula of always. In this edition, the classic ” Mega Buster ” debuts: press to load the shot. And cool a lot.

26. Adventures of Lolo (HAL Laboratory Inc, Wii 1991)

First title for Nintendo of the essential HAL study. They debuted with an interesting puzzle, with great gameplay and 50 levels.

27. Pro Wrestling (Nintendo, 1987)

Wrestling between seven different fighters. It has different attacks, a referee that marks the countdown, and even a TV camera.

28. Ice Hockey(Nintendo, 1988)

Ice hockey of 5 against 5, between 6 national selections, and with the possibility of aligning different types of players. A double, it was a vice ..

29. Ghost’n Goblins(Capcom, 1989)

Conversion of one of the most successful recreational of Capcom. Sir Arthur’s Crusade against supernatural beings is as funny as difficult.

30. Tetris(Nintendo, 1990)

The puzzle between the puzzles, and a recreational that hooked the entire world equally: seven tetrominoes to bite us all. we saw it even in dreams.

31. Yoshi’s Cookie(Nintendo,Wii 1994)

The mechanics are simple: align cookies equally. This puzzle was released for all Nintendo platforms of the time, a record.

32. Dig Dug(Namco, C. Virtual Wii  1985)

Screen to screen, we have to kill the enemies, either inflating them with air or making them drop a rock on top.

33. Smash Table Tennis(Nintendo, Virtual Wii  1987)

Perfect conversion of Konami’s Ping Pong arcade. Graphically it is simplistic and has few options, but the gameplay is best NES games of all time by all accounts.

34. Lode Runner(Hudson, Virtual Wii   1987)

Several gold sacks on screen, a group of guards and a series of stairs. Solve the puzzle or create your own levels with your editor!

35. Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa(Konami, Virtual Wii 1988)

Platforms entertaining, in which the small Upa, armed with his rattle, travels a world of treats inflating enemies. What a sweet thing.

We are a team of Gamers behind the BestGamesMag and we love to provide you the best list in term of gaming so you can always enjoy Best Games.

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11 Best Fire Emblem Games so far

Fire Emblem is a video game saga created by Nintendo, with titles in our database since 2004 and that currently has a total of 18 games for Switch, Android, iPhone, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, NDS, Wii, GameCube, Game Boy Advance.

On this page, you will find the best fire emblem game that exists, sorted according to their launch date so you can know which is the latest Fire Emblem game that has been announced or that has already been released, and which It was the first game of all with which the saga began.

We have waited too long for our turn, finally, we have to move units with best fire emblem games. The renowned Intelligent Systems series returns with a new video game, but not just anyone. In addition, we show you the note that our analysts have given to all the deliveries that have been coming out, so you know which is the best fire emblem game of all the history.

The return of Fire Emblem to the Nintendo panorama was one of the most anticipated events for the faithful followers of the Great N. It had been a long time since we received a new title in this award-winning franchise born in 1990.

Best Fire Emblem Game


1. Awakening

fire emblem awakening for nintendo 3ds

Awakening, the last stop of the renowned in the world of video games. And it’s the best fire emblem game 3ds for Nintendo 3DS, a machine that is nourished by better and better releases. In fact, we are facing a work that enters the race decidedly to become the best fire emblem game of the year for the console. A program that listens to fans while innovating, offering a very long duration and dressing with depth to, first of all, bring us that classic tactical-strategic fun of Fire Emblem. It is an improvement of everything the franchise has given to date.

2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the return to Nintendo’s role, tactical and adventure main saga after more than ten years since its last visit to a desktop console. On this occasion, and away from the multiple derivative titles and spin-off of Fire Emblem, this epic sword and fantasy song returns us to return strategy and war from a mature point of view in Nintendo Switch.

3. Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors is the best fire emblem game 3ds, the game is action game with the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors, that is, war type, with hundreds of enemies stalking us in huge scenarios in which we must meet tactical objectives. Follow the mythology of sword and witchcraft of the series adapting it to Switch and Nintendo 3DS as it was done with Hyrule Warriors and the saga of Zelda.

4. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia game

This title will come to Nintendo 3DS with a renewed graphic section – it adapts a delivery of Dragon Quest unpublished in the West -, a world of free exploration, exploration of dungeons and anime sequences to narrate its history. In this way, we will have a turn-based role-playing game with all the usual characteristics of the series, although it offers unique details within it, such as the possibility of exploring dungeons, moving through cities and traveling the world with something more freedom. Next to the game will arrive a range of collectible figures compatible with the title.

5. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem heroes android

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free download game that adapts the classic gameplay of the saga, offering us a turn-based strategy and role game with the mechanics of the series somewhat simplified. In this way, and forming teams with all the heroes of the Nintendo saga, we will face different battles in the most varied scenarios. As if that was not enough, the title incorporates a strength management element that will reward us in different ways.

6. Tokyo Mirage Sessions

This crossover between Atlas and Intelligent Systems arrives exclusively for the Wii U console and will be an RPG to use that will combine the characters of both sagas. Fire Emblem and Shin Megami come hand in hand thanks to Hitoshi Yamagami and temporarily stands in modern times. A different touch in both gameplay and history that exploits the graphics of the Nintendo console and its unique gameplay.

7. Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquista / Estirpe / Revelación is a new compilation by Nintendo that collects three titles of the emblematic saga of role-playing games Fire Emblem, offering three different campaigns, hundreds of hours of the game and various function.

8. Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquista / Estirpe / Revelación is a new compilation by Nintendo that gathers three great titles of the emblematic saga of role-playing games Fire Emblem, offering three different campaigns, hundreds of hours of the game and various function.

9. Fire Emblem Fates: Lineage

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquista / Estirpe / Revelación is a new compilation by Nintendo that stores three titles of the emblematic saga of role-playing games Fire Emblem, offering three different campaigns, hundreds of hours of the game and various function.

10. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is one of the best fire emblem games released for GameBoy Advance and that we can now enjoy on our Wii U. A role-playing strategy game with turn-based battles where the peaceful kingdom of Renais is attacked by the Allies of the Grade Empire. As heirs to the throne we have to fight to free our people from the threat in 20 levels of heroic action.

11. Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem for Wii U is the version of the original role-playing game and strategy released for Gameboy Advance in which we will assume command of an improvised troop in an exciting story to turn it into an unbeatable army. We will have charismatic characters from different classes with whom we will use the strategy to face a huge variety of scenarios in which we will have to take into account factors such as the terrain or the weather. This game has simple and deductive controls that will facilitate handling and offer a great experience even to players not familiar with role-playing games with turn-based combat.

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20 Best 3DS Games of All Time

We chose the best Nintendo 3DS games, the Nintendo laptop that is already a myth of the history of video games. As we published the top 20 of NDS last week, now it’s his turn to his three-dimensional successor and his 20 best 3ds games!

With the publication of the top 20 of NDS, this is the ninth week we have shared with you all the lists of 20 best titles of each platform selected by the experts of the Official Magazine Nintendo to celebrate the 20 years of the magazine. As with the extensive NDS catalog, the 3DS is no less extensive or less extraordinary and decide what would be the best three-dimensional games for us among so many playable wonders has taken time and how you will have been one of the selections closer; a controversy that only the catalog of 3DS games could generate, the technological genius that has unleashed a complete revolution in the market of portable consoles.

The successor to the fantastic and exclusive NDS, the Nintendo 3DS games; was released in Japan on February 26, 2011, and as always later in Europe. The latest jewel in portable platforms and the latest great news from the Japanese multinational company that was once again revolutionizing the video jueguil panorama with the first console to delight us with 3D graphics enjoying some graphics of infarction completely entering the development of their games and enriching the experience of playing a portable machine as we had never imagined before.

As NDS has two fabulous LCD screens, only the top screen in 3D with dimensions of 3.5 inches and without any need for glasses thanks to its 3D autostereoscopic system, an authentic pass. As for the one below it makes the functions of user interface making it easy to navigate through menus, maps and other options such as NDS through gentle touches with the stylus. In addition to incorporating some of the most innovative and revolutionary technical features such as the modification of the traditional four-way pad by a small joystick, accelerometers, motion detectors or be backwards compatible with NDS and DSiWare software that already make the notebook a real wonder, this portable genius is even capable of capturing 3D images thanks to its two powerful cameras and to record videos in 3D !

A unique console that apart from the fabulous technical features mentioned also has an incredible communication system such as the Miiverse (the new Nintendo social network system), its WI-FI connection , the fabulous StreetPass (which allows us to exchange information with the Nintendo 3DS games that anyone carries in their pocket when crossing us on the street) and their wireless communication that make the console the benchmark of every portable machine. An exclusive jewel that all those who own it are truly lucky and more if they have been lucky enough to play any of the twenty delicacies extracted from its great catalog, which in our opinion, after much deliberation, we consider to be the 20 best 3ds games. of this console that is marking history. As more jewelry reaches the laptop, we will update the list.

20. New Super Mario Bros 2

New Super Mario Bros 2 3ds gameNew Super Mario Bros 2 3ds

The sequel to New Super Mario Bros from NDS that like in his previous adventure allow us to play with Mario or Luigi and in which to make you again with the Raccoon Blade that gives the plumber with raccoon ears and tail to attack the enemies in the air or even fly is a real pass. All with the main goal of rescuing Princess Peach from the evil Bowser ! and already step if we make ourselves with millions of coins better than better. With a fantastic single-player mode, two players and coin rush mode the fun are more than guaranteed by offering fans of the tireless Nintendo plumbers one of his most complete titles that hooked even the Cruz sisters getting that even Pe dressed like a plumber. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a unique title that was worth its weight in gold beating records in sales. Do not miss our analysis of New Super Mario Bros. 2, where he took a 90 final grade.

19. Super Mario 3D Land

The first title of the charismatic plumber in 3DS with 8 fantastic worlds in the purest Super Mario Galaxy style offering us up to two types of 3D that can be alternated in-game! With polished and colorful graphics, fantastic scenarios with underwater phases, mountains, snowy landscapes and a superb level of gameplay, Super Mario 3D Land takes us into one of the best platform adventures loaded with action and exploration at the tip of the blade through new and fascinating worlds until we come to face the malevolent lizard that for a change does not stop doing his own or kidnapping Princess Peach . Considered one of the best games of N3DS and one of the games with the best 3D in its catalog make us place it at the top of the list. Discover more about this adventure with our analysis of Super Mario 3D Land, where he got a 90.

18. Mario Kart 7

The seventh installment of the saga that has been considered the best so far and one of the best N3DS games that catch you from the moment you pass the first corner. With the incorporation of 32 exciting three-dimensional circuits, new game modes, and an amazing use of the gyroscope, this frantic title invites us to buckle our belts and warm up our engines to show that we are the best super Mario pilot in the racing world. crazier and unique to get us with the victory showing that we are an ace at the wheel. An incredible title that gives us a lot of new content with fabulous additions to our circuits such as paragliding or the water engine or the fantastic gifts in the form of Star Coins for Super Mario 3D Land through StreetPass makes Mario Kart 7 a jewel of 3DS. Do not miss our analysis of Mario Kart 7, where he took a 91, and discover why it is one of the best Nintendo 3DS games.

17. Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World

After passing through Wii U with Yoshi’s Woolly World, Yoshi comes with Poochy to Nintendo 3DS games with  Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World. Like the first, this is a platform video game that is set in a world of color and textures that seems hand-woven, where we have to help Yoshi to fray walls with a lick, throw balls of wool to weave new platforms and Flutter to areas that seem to be out of your reach. To do this, we will use the Poochy Wool power badges or amiibo (sold separately or as part of a pack with the game) to call Poochy and make a fool of ourselves.

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World includes all levels of Yoshi’s Woolly World for Wii U, as well as extra levels starring Poochy. We can also design our own Yoshi patterns and use them within the game. Find out more about Yoshi’s new adventure with our analysis of Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World, where he scored 91.

16. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of a forgotten world

The exclusive remake of Nintendo 3DS Dragon Quest VII Fragments of a forgotten world has not disappointed and placed fourth in the list with the best 3DS games of 2016. It is an RPG with combats in turns that have characters designed by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball).

Square Enix and Nintendo have successfully recovered the seventh major installment of Dragon Quest and give us a huge adventure that will delight fans of the franchise that can enjoy this title in 3DS. If you want to discover why it is one of the best 3DS games of 2016, do not miss our analysis of Dragon Quest VII Fragments of a forgotten world, where he took a 92.

15. Monster Hunter Generations

The Monster Hunter saga has grown in 2016 thanks to its new installment, Monster Hunter Generations, known as Monster Hunter X in Japan. It was put on sale last summer and among its main novelties are new combat styles, special moves and the possibility of playing command of Felines, which until then was only available as a companion of our character.

Capcom has once again achieved that Monster Hunter is among the highlights in the year of its release, and with Monster Hunter Generations they give us one of the best cooperatives and a bombproof gameplay. We tell you why it has taken a 92 in our full analysis of Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS.

14. Professor Layton and the Mask of the Prodigies

Professor Layton and the Mask of the Prodigies is the fifth and first adventure of Professor Layton in 3DS that has swept away his impressive puzzles, an argument of the most complex, new and mysterious characters and his spectacular and careful 3D. A new mission in which Layton , Luke and Emmy have to discover the identity of the mysterious Masked Knight that is terrorizing the city of Montedoro With its overwhelming prodigies, how to turn its citizens into stone or give life to the paintings of the paintings of a museum a title that envelops us in a unique adventure with 150 puzzles to solve plus another 365 additional ones that assure you entertainment for a good while challenging our intellect and wrapping us in a story of the most complete eclipsing us with its beautiful anime aesthetic, new mini-games and the pure essence of the detective genre. Find out more about him with our analysis of Professor Layton and the Mask of the Prodigies, where we put a 92.

13. Luigi’s Mansion 2

The spooky sequel to the Gamecube title now for the laptop of the moment that is shaking the sales charts. A terrifying title that puts you in the skin of Nintendo’s most famous ghostbuster with a more powerful and improved Poltergust 5000 to aspire to every spectrum that appears to us as we search all the fragments of the dark moon in five most chilling mansions. With a local and online multiplayer mode for four players that offers a fun of fear along with an exclusive handling of the gyroscope and the accelerometer of the console; humor, ambiance, mix of action and spectacular exploration turn Luigi’s mansion 2 into a survival horror of the most friendly and endearing wrapping us in a unique adventure that makes our hair stand on end. And now, discover everything about this adventure with our analysis of Luigi’s Mansion 2, where he got a 92 note.

12. Fire Emblem Awakening

The fourteenth installment and first release in 3DS of the Fire Emblem saga since its debut last April is already considered a true jewel of the three-dimensional notebook. A luxurious roleplay experience that puts you at the head of your own army in epic battles in 3D turns of the most dynamic and surprising of the series in which also our characters will strengthen their links enhancing the skill and improvement of their skills; And not only that but also in some cases may sound wedding bells. A unique title of multiple configuration possibilities and connection options with multiplayer, spotpass and Streetpass mode with which we can exchange up to ten of your characters, access episodes or new challenges that make Fire Emblem Awakening one of the best tactical RPGs in the 3DS catalog. Do not miss our analysis of Fire Emblem Awakening and find out why we gave it a 93.

11. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Every holder of a Nintendo 3DS should not lose track of Fire Emblem, one of the most outstanding sagas of Nintendo that has managed to get another of its new deliveries to sneak into the list: Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. However, it is not a new release at all, it is a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden, a game released in 1992 only for Japan. Now, thanks to this remake, we can learn the story of Alm and Celica, two young people who, after being raised together, are separated by the conflict that is occurring between Rigel and Zofia, two countries that are part of the fantastic kingdom Valentia.

Its fast-paced story, along with the resulting mix of classic elements with new features such as exploring the dungeons in 3D, make Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia an essential title, not only in the saga but in our portable consoles. Do not miss our analysis of this great game, where he got a 93.

10. Metroid: Samus Returns

Nothing more and nothing less than thirteen years has been the time that has had to pass to see again the great Samus Aran in a 2D Metroid. The wait has been long, but it has been totally worth it. From the hand of the Spanish study MercurySteam, has come to us Metroid: Samus Returns, a remake for Nintendo 3DS of the original game Metroid 2: Return of Samus.

What is it that makes the return of our favorite interstellar bounty hunter? A completely renovated visual section, new skills, and enemies or a remixed soundtrack are just some of the elements that have made Metroid: Samus Returns in, possibly, one of the best remakes we’ve seen to date. We encourage you to discover for yourselves what it is that has turned this title into a real gem of Nintendo 3DS with our analysis where it has taken a 93.

9. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

It’s time to go back to the most “animal” city! But this time, as mayor and leader of it. Animal Crossing: New Leaf invited us to put ourselves at the controls more literally than ever, offering us all kinds of personalization options, both for our character and the environment that surrounds him. Come on, it’s the ultimate social simulator. And it fits in your pocket! Attentive to our analysis of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, because we put nothing more and nothing less than a 93 final grade.

8. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Last month came to 3DS the most brutal title that is revolutionizing the most consolidated hunters of the monstrous creatures of the particular Jurassic park of Capcom. An action-packed role-playing title that envelops us in an adventure of the wildest of 3DS in which to tear down the conquered monsters to get their bones, antlers or skins to transform them into weapons and armor for the most arduous battles offers us entertainment for a while. With a total of 72 species to hunt, new types of weapons such as the horn of war or colorful swords , six main ecosystems, more than 150 missions and commissions that together with its fantastic multiplayer mode to hunt in company the fun is more than assured turning Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate into one of the most beastly and colossal titles of the three-dimensional catalog of Nintendo . Discover more about this amazing adventure with our analysis of Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate, where he got a 93.

7. Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of fate

The latest installment of the Castlevania series for 3DS that surrounds us in a multi-purpose adventure based on lashes and chains in battles deeper than ever and a platform component with jumps, lamps to swing, walls that bounce and puzzles to move blocks go through the most gloomy and dark scenarios that keeps us absorbed by the laptop. With four playable characters: Simon Belmont , Trevor Belmont , Alucard and Gabriel Belmont with own and unique coarse abilities, secondary weapons, an excellent depth of 3Dstereoscopies where we run into gargoyles that throw fire, sinks through which steam or creatures that pass by glancing in front of the screen and an impressive gothic aesthetic and sinister beauty make Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate one of the referents of N3DS . Discover why it is one of the best Nintendo 3DS games with our analysis of Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate, where he reached a final score of 93.

6. Fire Emblem Fates

The case of Fire Emblem Fates is special since it is an adventure that is presented divided into different versions, which in turn have had three separate analyzes on our website. Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and Fire Emblem Fates Lineage are complete games with a complete story, but enjoying both will allow you to know the two sides of the conflict that Nintendo presents in these new RPG adventures. The third campaign is Fire Emblem Fates Revelation, which was launched as DLC through the Nintendo eShop.

Fire Emblem Fates is a gift for 3DS players  , and you can discover why this fantastic Nintendo game is included in the list with the best 3DS games of 2016 in our complete analysis of Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, Fire Emblem Fates and Fire Emblem Fates Revelation ; that they took a 94, a 93 and a 95 respectively.

5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

What will this Hylian have, that where he steps with his steel boots conquers the whole world? The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is one of the most special games of this legendary saga because it is actually a kind of continuation of the mythical A Link to the Past. With the same zenith perspective as in the classic, we go back to the green pastures of Hyrule, although, yes, not everything will remain the same: time has passed, and Link must face a new villain of the most “picturesque” use of his newly acquired ability to fuse with the walls (thus taking advantage of the 3D effect masterfully) and with the help of a quirky salesman who, for the first time in the saga, allows us to rent the items instead of acquiring them in the dungeons. A ‘must have’ for any user of 3DS and, ultimately, a true work of art that was made with a 94 in our analysis of The Legend of Zelda.

4. Pokémon X / Y

Pokémon took the leap to 3D with Pokémon X / Y, two of the best deliveries that the saga of capture and training of pocket monsters has received to date. No less than 70 new creatures were added with the arrival of X / Y, among which are the legendary stars of each game: Yveltal and Xerneas. But the most remarkable feature was the new method of evolution, known as mega-evolution, which allows some of the most iconic Pokémon in the saga, such as Charizard or Mewtwo, to reach even more powerful forms. And in our analysis of Pokémon X / Y, where we put a 94, we tell you all its secrets.

3. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

The legendary title of the 98 for N64 that revived a classic with a spectacular appearance of the third dimension in the latest Nintendo notebook. An adventure that invites us to enjoy an inner journey to forge our destiny at the stroke of a sword, entering the legendary kingdom of Hyrule to prevent Ganon from taking the Triforce. With greater accessibility to maps, actions and content,  N3DS gave us the opportunity to relive the classic like never before in a unique story by returning to a glorious past marked with three-dimensional environments that both those who played it in their day and those who still do not, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D is a playable jewel of special recommendation becoming one of the essential titles of N3DS . Do not miss our analysis of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D  and discover why it got a 95 note.

2. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

The time for the cakes has arrived! The most charismatic heroes of Nintendo returned to fight in a duel. But this time with pocket-sized combats! Mario, Samus, Link, Pikachu and new additions such as Villain or Mega man showed what pasta the Nintendo characters are made of, with Smash attacks that go off the screen (literally). Despite being the “small” version, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS includes features that the Wii U version does not have, so do not even forget to ignore it! If we add to this the enormous amount of hours that must be dedicated to complete it 100%, we have no choice but to name it one of the best 3DS games. A round fighting game that took a 96 in our analysis of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.

1. Pokémon Sun and Moon Pokémon

And how could it be otherwise, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon become the best of 2016 for 3DS? We are facing a new case of two titles included in the same position on the list, but it is two complete sets practically identical that only vary in certain Pokémon exclusive of each version and in small features. The designs of their new Pokémon have given a talk in recent months, but that has not stopped Pokémon Sun and Moon are presented as the quietest games in the history of Nintendo.

A huge region to explore called Alola, new Z movements, new Pokémon and a deeper adventure than in previous installments are the main keys of Pokémon Sun and Moon. Discover more details about the two new Pokémon adventures of Nintendo 3DS in our complete analysis of Pokémon Sun and Moon Pokémon, in which we give it a 97.

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25 Best SNES Games of All Time

For the celebration of the 20 years of the Official Nintendo magazine, we have chosen the 25 best games of each one of the Nintendo consoles. Published the list of the best of NES, we give way to the list of the best SNES games.

The Super Nintendo left us many hours of glory, many controls spoiled by use and many fantastic games, and many improvements throughout his life in a console that never ceased to amaze.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Official Nintendo Magazine, as we announced last week in our report about the 25 best NES games, we decided to make a selection of the 25 best titles of each console. Well, published our great selection of the best games of NES, now it’s your turn to the top 25 best SNES games!

Since its appearance on November 21, 1990 in Japan and a couple of years later in Europe, the mythical machine of 16 bits and second jewel of best super Nintendo games with which we grew up playing many of the wonders that we have selected in our top 25 , gave us a dose of super Nintendo entertainment system and fun in the nostalgic era of the 16 bits that ended up replacing our beloved NES .

With its spectacular graphics that supposed the revolution of the time, the design of a command control of the most useful and Mode 7 that showed an effect of depth in a two-dimensional perspective, made the SNES the bombing of the moment that allowed us to enjoy much more of the games. These are the 25 titles that we have selected as the best, what do you think? Do we have any left in the inkwell? Which one would you change for what?

1. Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo, 1991)

Zelda A Link to the Past snes gameZelda A Link to the Past snes games

The only and third game of the Zelda saga for SNES. Princess Zelda is again in danger and Link has to explore the two worlds with the help of a mirror and Master Sword to save her. With new exploration possibilities such as being able to travel from one world to another, increasing its playability, with excellent graphics at that time, and an exclusive design, make this title a masterpiece considered one of the best cartridges of the last two decades.

2. Yoshi’s Island (Nintendo, 1995)

With an exceptional graphics and plot, Yosh i (the character that we control and who must take care of a ” Baby Mario “) with special abilities like swallowing his enemies or throwing eggs as a missile, takes us into a new adventure where Yoshi has the mission of returning Mario safely to his family. With many more surprises, which increased the gameplay of the game, such as the ability to transform Yoshi into various means of transport to processor in the adventure, along with a defined and colorful graphics section made Yoshi Island one of the best SNES games.

3. Super Metroid (Nintendo, 1994)

In ’94, Nintendo brought us Super Metroid. The third of the Metroid saga for SNES with a cartridge of 24 megabits that made this game one of the largest for this console and that, of course, could not miss in our top 25. In this new story, with the sub kiddie kidnapped and Zebes divided into several zones, our goal was to explore them with the help of the map and new artifacts like a hook or an X-ray viewer a new adventure that surprised us all with its free exploration or the musical and visual themes so emblematic of the saga that make this game a jewel for Metroid games .

4. Super Mario World (Nintendo, 1990)

In Super Mario World, Mario with new skills, besides running or jumping could also float with the help of certain special objects and new styles of jumps as ” Spin Jump”, in addition to traveling through the worlds through two game screens by the general map and a field of action to access the levels !. A fabulous story in which Mario and Luigi helped the little green dinosaur travel through the seven worlds to restore tranquility to Dinosaur Land.

5. Axelay(1992)

SNES was not a console known for its frenzied shoot ’em up. This honor went to the Mega Drive, which was fortunate to have a faster processor. But that does not mean that the SNES has not been entitled to some solid contributions of the kind. Axelay Of Konami is perhaps the most spectacular. In terms of graphics and sound, it’s absolutely amazing, and it uses the power of the console’s Mode 7 to create some spectacular visual effects. The game alternates between sections that scroll vertically and horizontally (just like Life Force / Salamander, another Konami game), and getting to finish it is not easy. Axelay is a real classic, and it’s a shame that there is no follow-up, while the promise was made at the end of the credits.

6. Street Fighter II (Capcom, 1992)

One of the most celebrated titles and responsible for the phenomenon of games of the fighting genre. Eight characters to choose from with different skills, we traveled around the world to face the other rivals until we reached the 4 final bosses, thus increasing their gameplay and accompanied by spectacular graphics for that moment, made Street Fighter II, the masterpiece of the recreational and one of the best fighting games of all time that is an honor to include in our list.

7. Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo, 1995)

Considered the title par excellence of the genre of platforms and one of the first games that represented a revolution in 3D graphics, its place in the top 25 of SNES was unquestionable. With the mission of recovering his precious “yellow treasure” of the evil king K.Rool , and accompanied by Diddy Kong we had to complete each level to continue advancing in the story until we came to face the final boss of each world with the appearance of characters like Candy Kong or Cranky Kong and many more novelties like solving riddles, minigames made Donkey Kong Country the game of the moment!    

8. Super Mario Kart (Nintendo, 1992)

In 92, Nintendo delighted us with Mario Kart, the best Super Nintendo games that gave us super Nintendo entertainment system for a while and that even starred (as many readers of the magazine already know) the first cover of Nintendo Action. A game that invited us to join the race of the century with Mario, Peach, Luigi, Bowser; Donkey Kong and company. Each of them with different skills and qualities in terms of speed and handling, which transported us to circuits set in Super Mario World where to collect different items, traps, and objects both offensive and defensive to be the first to reach the goal was a challenge!

9. Mega Man X (Capcom, 1993)

Mega Man X , the alternative that brought “more rhythm” to the classic saga, takes us into a world where Mega Man X, the robot created by Dr. Light, (with the use of reason) had the mission to face 8 bosses (the old Maverick, allies of the villain Sigma) at the end of each level. With new developments in the gameplay, such as acceleration and the ability to bounce on the walls, or the ability to change the screen much earlier by defeating “specific” enemies to face a new challenge, we guaranteed exploration for a while that made Mega man X one of the best SNES games.

10. Cybernator(1992)

When you first start this great mech-based platform game, you might think you are wasting your time. It’s slow and sluggish, and it misses the fast pace of Gunstar Heroes or Contra for example. But that’s part of the charm: you do not control a superhero but a war machine as big as three floors, covered with steel armor and armed to the teeth. The movements are voluntarily heavy to reinforce this feeling of weight, but you are not totally at the mercy of enemy fire. Your boosters allow you to jump in height and to make horizontal dodges. Cybernator Use this principle with great success, and the slowness of your robot contributes to the challenge. There is also a pretty incredible level design and excellent music, making it one of the most epic games in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System catalog.

11. F-Zero (Nintendo, 1990)

The first title of the futuristic car racing saga and the first game in history for SNES. The future era where vehicles shared characteristics with spaceships and we had to compete in 15 circuits divided into 3 categories against 25 rivals. A game that became a benchmark in the genre of driving that impacted us all with its spectacular Three-dimensional effect thanks to mode 7 making us enjoy a great deal of heart attack racing more than 400 km / h that we could not stop!      

12. Star Wing (Nintendo, 1993)

Threatened the planet Corneria by the fearsome scientist Andross, General Pepper Puts all his hopes in the brave Star Fox team to end with Andross once and for all. In 93, SNES arrived at this galactic adventure with a visual spectacle that went on the increase as we advanced in history, seven levels to complete, simple plot but that created special addiction made this title a classic of the shooter genre that kept us glued to the screen for hours.

13. Terranigma (Quintet, 1995)

One of the titles of Action RPG par excellence that fascinated us by the development of a history of the most original and some more defined graphics for that time. In the skin of the Ark, we had to assume the mission nothing more and nothing less than revive the planet earth, resurrecting the continents and the most convoluted yet guide humanity in its evolution! An epic adventure that hooked us all from the first moment and that could not be missing from our list!    

14. Super Ghouls n’Ghosts (Capcom, 1991)

With the abduction of the Princess Guinera , Sir Arthur will have to take a risky journey to gain the stronghold of his enemy and rescue it. Through seven worlds with spectacular graphics and an original gloomy and lugubrious atmosphere, we expected all kinds of challenges. With a masterful combination of platforms and action, from the hand of our character, we entered into a mythical adventure through complicated scenarios in which to face dozens of enemies making Super Ghouls n, Ghosts, an exclusive title of SNES

15. Super Tennis(1991)

Tennis may not be as popular as football, but there have been some amazing video games adapted from this sport over the years. Perhaps the most famous of them is Sega’s Virtua Tennis series. While Virtua Tennis is undoubtedly an excellent franchise, it is notable that in terms of pure gameplay, the Super Tennis SNES is undoubtedly better, while it is an older title. Forget the graphics for a moment, because the depth of this game is amazing: four different types of shots, dives, effect services, and many other things make it one of the most playable and playable sports games in the world all the time.

16. Super Castlevania IV (Konami, 1991)

The first game of the Castlevania saga for SNES that could not go unnoticed on our list. As in the previous installments, we got into the skin of Simon Belmont with the intention of ending the ruthless Dracula and his army of infernal beings. This time, he returned with a much more powerful army accompanied by an implacable anger through twelve phases, we had the mission to enter the domains of Dracula and go completing each level defeating the final heads of each phase until we are face Face our “immortal” enemy. The masterpiece of Konami that could not miss in the top 25!

17. Super Bomberman (Hudson, 1993)

Known for being the first games of the Bomberman saga and the first video games that offered us the possibility of playing with up to 3 more players. With a simple but entertaining system, we moved around the screen with the aim of firing bombs to destroy the walls and the enemies that blocked our way while collecting items. With its fantastic multiplayer mode of battles between the 4 players and the tempting idea to surround the enemies with the bombs and make them explode, we wound up for a while.   

18. Kirby Super Star / Fun Pak (HAL, 1996)

One of the platforms of Super Nintendo Entertainment System that in SNES triumphed for its many novelties. In Kirby Super Star / Fun Pak, our beloved pink ball had the ability to attract helpers (enemies turned into allies) and offered us the possibility of connecting another control command and handle the assistant, playing in cooperative mode with another player. Apart from many other surprises with which the game delighted us, as with the fantastic appearance of a hat every time Kirby absorbed his enemies, and with a fabulous animation colorful and colorful scenarios, it deserves that Kirby SuperStar Fun Pak does not pass Unnoticed on our list!

19. Demon’s Crest (Capcom, 1994)

The gloomy title that brought news for the platform of the time, in which our red demon, Firebrand, could move both flying and climbing the walls collected talismans, potions to complete each level and reach the final boss. Of a spectacular originality, both in innovation of the character (which could be transformed according to the crest that took and acquire special skills, which allowed us to access different areas) and in ambience of scenarios in which sometimes we were completely in the dark, teleporting us immediately to the World of demons to face Phalanx, which certainly did not make it easy for us.

20. Final Fantasy 3 in North America – Final Fantasy 6 in Japan (1994)

Developed by Squaresoft, this was the last Final Fantasy before moving to the three-dimensional world. Final Fantasy 3 is a deep and incredible adventure. Everything stands out because of the immense details, graphics, history and even music. The game is immense with many ways to explore it. You have the option of using 14 characters, where each one fights his style. With the classic formula of an RPG, this is considered the best SNES games of the Final Fantasy franchise and this server is in complete agreement.

21. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time (Konami, 1992)

In 92, Konami brought us, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time for SNES, A new and entertaining adventure in the center of New York, by the hand of Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello, the most famous and devouring reptiles ninjas of pizzas from history. Characterized by a striking visual style and a beat’em up with a horizontal scroll of the most fun and playable we hooked for a while and of course, could not miss in our top 25 of SNES.

22. Killer Instinct (Rare, 1995)

In the Killer Instinct tournament, fighting to the death until the final confrontation with the brutal and fearsome Eyedol was a real challenge that got us all together for a while. With ten characters to choose from, each one with different abilities that they showed in intense combats, we also opened up enormous game possibilities by having a spectacular system of combos and movements for each of them, in addition to the innovative system of rounds and a spectacular presentation of the characters make this title the cream of the best super Nintendo games of the fighter genre .

23. Super Probotector (Nintendo, 1999)

Considered as one of the titles that have most shone for its essence, Super Probotector, swept SNES and has earned its place in the top 25. Before the threat of the great alien invasion, we managed Probotector RD008 to start a journey through 6 stages full of enemies and phases of all kinds. With the help of four types of weapons, powerful armored vehicles, and thanks to the fantastic multiplayer mode, where another player could help us driving the RC011, we were more than prepared before any danger and we entered one hundred percent into the adventure eclipsing us completely!

24. Mortal Kombat 2 (Midway, 1999)

The second installment of Mortal Kombat invited us to the challenge of a new tournament more brutal and dangerous where 12 wrestlers faced in a fierce fight. With some players known as Scorpion and other new ones like Reptile , (who had unique and special moves) they beat us instantly in more dynamic and brutal combat developed in a greater number of scenarios offering the gamers fans of the fighter genre , hours and hours of fun that made Mortal Kombat II a memorable title.

25. Chrono Trigger (1995)

A tremendous RPG recommended to every gamer. Created by SquareSoft, it was created by the dream team of its time. This was directed by the creator of Dragon Warrior and involved the producers of Final Fantasy. For the music, it was brought to Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu who is famous for creating the classic songs that we know of Final Fantasy. To design the characters, he was humbly in charge of Akira Toriyama, creator and drawer of Dragon Ball. As you can see, a masterpiece of RPG was created, excelling in all aspects. Being the focus of the game traveling through time, was an element that knew how to use it to the fullest. Based on what you played and at what exact moment you decide to finish it, Chrono Trigger offered you 14 different endings.

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