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20 Best PS3 Games of All Time

The best PS3 games start our review of the seventh generation of consoles, a generation that lasted until well into the next generation (with PS4 and Xbox One). Prepare for a trip through memory in which we will enjoy recalling some of the most special moments we live with PlayStation 3. Without a doubt. This is life.


After reviewing the 20 best PlayStation 3 games of the most legendary consoles, it’s time to take a look at recent history with the best PS3 games. But first let’s talk about the beginnings of Sony’s third desktop console: after consolidating as one of the most important companies in the video game industry with the first PlayStation and breaking all records with PlayStation 2, during E3 2005 Sony revealed its flagship for the seventh generation of consoles: PlayStation 3. The first model had a design with a smooth finish and fine curves, which together with the ‘glossy’ black color that covers the casing made it one of the most elegant devices that have passed through our living room.

The control, known as Sixaxis, repeated the design of the legendary DualShock, although due to a lack of agreement with the company that developed the vibration motors the model that was offered for sale with the console did not include this function. But it had of new ones, like a small sensor of movement that, looking back, almost no title has taken advantage of.

But the main feature of PlayStation 3 was the Blu-ray player: the Japanese company tried to achieve the same punch that boosted the sales of PS2 by offering video game console + player of the fashion format, and the players returned to work perfectly, triumphing above the HD DVD that its main competitor had, to the point that PS4 and Xbox One are still using this format. Also, it was on PS3 where Sony gave the authentic kick-off to the online game as we know it, for good and for bad: for good because it started a new era for multiplayer games, and bad because it also meant the advent of the patches and DLC that so many Critics raise today. But What about the games? Mythical sagas returned and many others were lost along the way, but more importantly: new IPs arrived, and they did it to stay.


KILLZONE 2 playstation 3 game

– Company: Guerrilla Games

– Year 2009

The Killzone saga was born on PS2 to face the greenish-armored marine who fought for the Microsoft flag, and although it has never reached such a level, Killzone 2managed to offer some of the most intense shootings in the entire PS3 catalog. Of course, his presentation was not lacking controversy due to a graphics section that seemed to be above the possibilities of the console. However, the guys from Guerrilla Games showed that the black beast of Sony was capable of that and much, much more.


– Company: Infinity Ward

– Year 2009

This has undoubtedly been the generation of Call of Duty, especially thanks to its online component, which has given rise to a whole host of players who live by and for the competition. But the campaign mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is not far behind, presenting some of the most intense and controversial moments of the entire series (has anyone not heard of the level ‘ Nothing Russian ‘?). If you want to know which have been the best PlayStation 3 games, do not hesitate to take a look at our report about the best Call of Duty.


– Company: Sucker Punch

– Year 2011

The superhero genre is not only living its golden age in the cinema but has also made its first steps into the world of video games. Exclusively he came to the PS3 circuits inFamous, an adventure with a lot of sparks. Cole MacGrath, the protagonist, has at his disposal all sorts of electric powers; but how he used them depended on us, being able to become heroes or villains. inFamous 2 polished the formula to achieve excellence, adding new powers, more decisions and a lot of optional activities that place it among the best PS3 games.


– Company: Arkane Studios

– Year 2012

Bethesda, by work and grace of Arkane Studios, took out of the sleeve one of the most original games not only of PS3 but of the entire generation. In Dishonored, we adopt the role of Corvo, a lethal assassin who is betrayed and sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, thus starting a dark story in which supernatural forces come into play that will help the protagonist to end the lives of all those against whom he swore revenge. The great success of Dishonored is the possibility of facing each mission in multiple ways: do we access the building by hanging through an open window on the second floor? Do we own a fish and sink through the sink? Or do we enter through the main gate and wipe out all the soldiers? In the variety is the taste. And our taste is to see Dishonored 2 someday.

16. FAR CRY 3

– Company: Ubisoft

– Year 2012

Have I ever told you the definition of madness? Madness is to be taking a walk through the jungle when suddenly a Komodo dragon appears out of nowhere and launches itself through your legs. You inject yourself with a syringe that empowers the physical abilities you created a few minutes ago, and you run like the devil’s soul. You manage to sway the creature, but when you want to realize it, you are surrounded by pirates with a thirst for blood. You arm yourself with your double-barreled shotgun and start an intense shooting in which you are forced to reposition the bones of your hand after a spectacular fall. Suddenly you discover that you have no ammunition, and when it seems that your end has come, the same komodo dragon that chased you rushes on the pirates, devouring them on the spot. You take advantage of the confusion and you throw yourself by a cliff that gives to the sea. It is then when you remember that those waters are infested of sharks. That’s Far Cry 3: fun. Variety. Madness. And one of the most charismatic villains of the last years. And if you are wondering why it is labeled as a horror game. Ask the crocodiles.


– Company: FromSoftware

– Year 2010

Demon’s Souls came to PS3 exclusively to slap in the face all the conventions that flood the industry in these times: tutorials? Sections in which he takes us by the hand? Areas where you can advance by crushing a button and in a straight line? Demon’s Souls has a middle finger for all of them, mixing RPG development with dismal artistic designs and one of the highest difficulty levels of recent years. And at the same time offering one of the most satisfying experiences of PS3. If you have the patience to complete it, of course. Dark Souls and Dark Souls II have been able to continue the legacy of our delicious suffering.


– Company: Thatgamecompany

– Year 2012

PS2 had ICO and Shadow of the Colossus as the main representatives of “video games as works of art”, and although PS3, unfortunately, ran out of The Last Guardian ration (and at this rate, we may not even see it on PS4), that does not mean that in the catalog we find some jewels that should be exhibited in museums, especially within the indie territory. One of these examples is Journey, a sensory experience that goes beyond the senses, and that leaves its mark on the skin of everyone who plays it. It’s short, yes, but you do not need hundreds of collectibles or optional missions to offer a unique and compelling experience. Almost with total security, the most special game of the entire PS3 catalog. Very recommended.


– Company: Ubisoft

– Year 2009

What to say about Assassin’s Creed that you do not already know? The saga was born in this Seventh Generation, and although it does not currently go through its best due to the infinity of deliveries (and bugs) that it carries behind its back, it is still one of our favorites. What will the Assassins have that we always hunted in their historical intrigues? If you were attentive to our report about the 10 best Assassin’s Creed, you will know that Assassin’s Creed II is our favorite delivery: Ezio stole our hearts.


– Company: Santa Monica Studio

– Year 2010

Kratos and his savage brutality were born on PS2, but it was on PlayStation 3 that Sparta’s Fantama ended its revenge story with God of War III. Gods and Titans clashed in an epic story, showing some of the most brutal battles that have been seen in the saga (Poseidon, Hades, Hercules It is impossible to forget them). Sony Santa Monica studios through the house out the window and gave us a graphic show that even today, four years later, is able to look face to face many of the titles that appear in the new generation consoles. Whether you like it or not, it’s one of those experiences that you have to admire at least once in your life. Unless you do not like blood on your face, of course.


– Company: BioWare

– Year 2012

Space, last frontier. The voyages of the ship Normandy and its crew, with Captain Shepard at the helm, have led to the best PlayStation 3 games of the generation, with a mixture of role and action in which we love to get lost at least once a year. If we had to choose we would stay with Mass Effect 2, but Why choose when you can have the whole package? Mass Effect Trilogy includes the three installments of the space opera orchestrated by the musicians of BioWare. And what does it matter if the end is good or not? The important thing is not the destination, but the route.


– Company: Bethesda

– Year 2008

Bethesda showed that they are able to turn everything they play into gold, and that was the case with the Fallout saga, which was left in limbo after a forgettable delivery for PS2 and Xbox. Fallout 3 came, saw and won, with a story in a post-apocalyptic future that dragged multiple references to film classics such as Mad Max, and a development that mixed action, RPG elements and a novel system to point to the body parts of the enemies called VATS. The first time we leave Refugio 101 and contemplate the Wasteland in all its glory, it is one of those moments that will remain eternally in our memory jugona.


– Company: Atlus

– Year: 2017

When it seemed that PS3 had nothing more to offer, Atlus has breathed a last breath of life with the release of Persona 5. This masterful JRPG has become an instant classic, proving that turn-based bouts – a game system that many consider obsolete – still have a lot to say. And is that despite having come to us in English, with its styling and charisma the Phantom Thieves have managed to steal our hearts.



– Company: 2K

– Year 2008

This generation has been marked by the FPS genre, and if we had to keep one and only one, that would be the first BioShock. Everything, from the setting, the characters, the weapons, the development or the plasmids (the “magical powers” that we inject ourselves through an IV) is at a much higher level than anything else we have seen in the genre, more if we take into account that this is a game of the year 2008. A moment ago we talked to you about a moment that was burned into our minds, well Let the hand raised who did not feel a chill when listening to the recording that reproduced when riding in the bathyscaphe:

I am Andrew Ryan, and I have a question to ask you: does not a man have the right to sweat his own brow? No, says the Washington man. It belongs to the poor. No, says the Vatican man. It belongs to God. No, says the man from Moscow. It belongs to everyone. I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose Rapture.

And boom. The screen rises and one of the most mythical locations in the history of video games appears before us. And from there the game becomes a roller coaster, which does not stop improving until its explosive end. Masterpiece, no matter how you look at it. And remember: the man chooses, the slave obeys.


– Company: Rocksteady

– Year 2011

The terror of the night, the Dark Knight, the batman. Batman has lived a second golden age in cinema thanks to Chritoper Nolan, but with all our respect for the director of Interstellar , his films pale in comparison to what that Rocksteady has managed to do with the character in consoles. Batman: Arkham Asylum raised the bar of superhero genre to a level simply unattainable, and even so, the company managed to surpass itself with its sequel, Batman: Arkham City, thanks to a combat system that has been copied ad nauseum, a city that hides the most dangerous criminals of all Gotham and a Joker who is a lot of Joker.


– Company: Rockstar

– Year 2010

When everyone took for granted that the future of Rockstar was to do GTA after GTA, the company surprised us with a trip to the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption. The history of redemption of John Marston, through plains, rivers, forests, ranches, cities. It took deep into the heart of the community, and that is that the script is one of the most rounds that the company has signed. But RDR does not live on the plot alone: horseback riding, hunting of animals, hunting of outlaws, visits to the ‘saloon’, assaults on carriages, shootings. In essence, the dream come true of any fan of the genre Western, and of the most recommended adventures of the generation, whether or not you like the cowboys.

5. GTA V

– Company: Rockstar

– Year 2013

After experimenting with the freedom of action of Red Dead Redemption, intense shootouts Max Payne 3 and racing at full speed from Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Rockstar everything learned applied to a single game, and that game is GTA V. The result is one of the most perfect works that can be experienced in consoles, in which it is possible to live a second life through the eyes of its three protagonists, as charismatic as different: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Intense, unforgettable, fun, unexpected, huge, unsurpassed. GTA V is the king of the sandbox on PS3.


– Company: Bethesda

– Year 2012

Everyone knew that Bethesda was plotting something fat after developing Fallout 3, but nothing could prepare us for the arrival of the dragons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If GTA V allows us to live a virtual life in Los Santos, Skyrim does the same in a world inhabited by races and creatures of legend, in which the sword and magic are the law of the strongest, in which the possibilities to the Time to create our character are endless, and in which a dragon can attack us at any time. We do not know if its autumn-looking forests, its rocky plains, or its snowy peaks, but the Skyrim landscape has something that makes it unique and unrepeatable: Bethesda He has an arduous task ahead if he wants to overcome such a masterpiece.


– Company: Kojima Productions

– Year 2008

The war has changed. It is no longer about nations, or about ideologies or races. It is an endless number of third-party battles fought by mercenaries and machines. War – and its consumption of life – has become a well-oiled machine. With these words, spoken by a deteriorated and aging Solid Snake, the last adventure of the “son” of Big Boss was beginning. In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Hideo Kojima not only ended the story of the legendary soldier but also paid tribute masterfully to a saga that began back in the days of MSX. All games in the series converge here, with references to almost everything that has come from the head of the Japanese genius, so fans of the Metal Gear saga have no choice but to shed tears with the end of the story. And with the level in Shadow Moses. And with Meryl’s luck.


– Company: Naughty Dog

– Year 2009

We could have stayed perfectly with Uncharted: Drake’s Treasure or Uncharted 3: Drake’s Betrayal, but none of them manages to masterfully balance explosive action sequences, ingenious puzzles and beautifully explored landscapes in the way that Uncharted 2 does. : The Kingdom of Thieves. All this round with one of the graphics sections that best take advantage of the complicated architecture of PlayStation 3 and a protagonist who is already an icon of the world of video games: the sly Nathan Drake. And to all this. Does anyone know how to say rocket launchers in Tibetan?


– Company: Naughty Dog

– Year 2013

We could talk about how Naughty Dog managed to give a twist to a generation as trite as is the zombies, or how he exceeded the graphic limits that the company itself had imposed, or how Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson made us feel emotions unknown in those that without a doubt have been the papers of their lives, or how the strumming of Gustavo Santaolalla’s guitar collapsed the wall between video game and player in the high points. But it is the story of Joel and Ellie, two characters unique with an almost symbiotic relationship, what makes The Last of Us not only the best ps3 games but also the swan song of PlayStation 3.


Yes, we know it: there is neither Ni No Kuni, nor Darksiders, nor Super Street Fighter IV, nor Battlefield 3, nor Portal 2, nor Heavy Rain, nor a lot of large caliber titles that, due to space issues, have remained in the bedroom. So now it’s your turn, players: tell us which are the games that have most impacted you in the life of PlayStation 3, and which deserve more attention than they are given.

We are a team of Gamers behind the BestGamesMag and we love to provide you the best list in term of gaming so you can always enjoy Best Games.

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17 Best PS4 Co Op games of All Time

The sofa cooperative, far from being forgotten, is still very much alive in all genres. We recommend some of the best coop games on PS4.

A selection of games on PlayStation 4 to enjoy in the company

The nature of the video game, although we must support the single player campaigns, is multiplayer. However, the proliferation of online infrastructure has left in the background in recent years the local cooperative modes, or in other words, the sofa cooperative. It is still possible to play in the company of a friend, family member or partner on PlayStation 4, and that is why we offer you a selection of the best PS4 Co Op games with this game option present in the Sony console. In the coming weeks, we will publish similar articles about other platforms.

1. Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition

diablo 3 game ps4 coop

Few better options than the hack & slash of Blizzard we find in the field of action, exploring dungeons and the desire for loot. The accessibility of its mechanics and its excellent learning curve, combined with its four different levels of difficulty and replayability guarantee a video game that can be adapted to any type of player, with which it is perfectly enjoyed by practically anyone with immediate effect.. In addition, we have five classes-barbarian, magician, demon hunter, witch doctor and monk-to which a sixth, the necromancer, recently added, making real cooperation between players something necessary rather than accessory, but that’s true. , we must be clear that it is a ps4 couch co op games with a quantity of content – more after the arrival of its expansion Reaper of Souls – massive, so it is also not recommended for casual games of an afternoon.

2. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

One of the biggest surprises within the PS4 Co Op games titles that have appeared in recent years is this Tomb Raider spin-off series, which started with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light -also recommended- and this Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. In fact, Crystal Dynamics is one of those PS4 Coop Games that is enjoyed infinitely more in the company than alone, where it is just another game. However, together with another player it becomes one of the best coop games PS4 experiences of today, with almost perfect implementation among all its aspects: puzzles, action, exploration, platforms, etc. forces the continuous cooperation between the 2 players – at least four at the most – to defeat enemies, reach areas inaccessible by a single one, solve puzzles and other really varied situations that occur throughout a game that, if Although it is certainly a continuity with respect to the original delivery, it still represents one of the best alternatives to play in company.

3. The LEGOs of TT Games

If our gaming company is going to be too young to enjoy certain action games, any LEGO game by TT Games is a perfect choice, both for simplicity and, of course, friendliness with the little ones. Of course, being simple does not mean that they do not know how to be varied, and we face moments of action, platforms, and of course, construction, and if we add to this the charisma of the characters of universes such as Star Wars, Marvel or DC, we obtain as a result of a huge amount of perfect titles to enjoy with children. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning LEGO City Undercover, without a doubt the best alternative to GTA that an infant can play, and like the rest of the LEGO catalog, also with the local cooperative.

4. Divinity: Original Sin

The RPG of Larian Studios not only boasts of being one of the best RPGs of recent years – legitimate candidate to GOTY 2014 -, but also of offering a very complete ps4 couch co op games experience so as not to enjoy alternative PS4 Co Op games mode, but to be able to play 100% campaign in company, with all its content and history. In addition, knows how to implement this feature in a great way, and is that it gives the possibility of playing on a split screen completely, or in full screen, and when both players are separated too, the screen is divided so that both can explore more freely. Precisely this is one of the greatest virtues of Divinity: Original Sin, and it is the number of possibilities offered when playing the adventure in the style of each player, not losing a bit of quality when two players are at the same time. controls.

5. The arcades of Housemarque

The Finnish studio not only boasts of being one of the best coop games PS4 when it comes to creating action arcades, having specialized in the twin-stick shooter, but they have always done so thinking about PS4 Coop Games. All its titles have this modality, both local and online, and are perfectly implemented, although in some cases it has had to be via later update, as is the case of Alienation, for example. From Dead Nation to Nex Machina, going through the surprising Resogun, any of its productions offers freneticism, spectacularity and a great demand for the player or players.

6. Little Big Planet 3

The Media Molecule franchise – although this installment was handled by Sumo Digital – has always been characterized by letting loose the imagination of the players and their sympathy, as well as, of course, the possibility of playing in the company. This feature is seen to improve with respect to the two previous installments by presenting different characters beyond the well-known and popular Sackboy, which gives much more variety to the development. Platforms and creation at the service of up to four players.

7. Star Wars Battlefront 2

Despite the criticism received for the controversy of the loot boxes, something that could not be discussed this time has been the amount of content that has come with Star Wars Battlefront 2, including the ability to play a series of missions in ps4 couch co op games. The story that narrates is placed after what happened in The Return of the Jedi, just before the new film trilogy that begins with The Awakening of the Force, and the cooperative function is exclusive of consoles. Maximum respect to the essence of the brand, bomb-proof gunplay and a technical section of the best coop games PS4 is its greatest credentials.

8. Spelunky

Spelunky, a difficult title that gets complicated with three friends, is a roguelike platform PS4 Coop Games that is as hilarious as it is stimulating. And if the frustration of playing as a team reaches excessive levels, you can always give vent to your desires for revenge with the wildly brilliant Death Combat.

9. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

If we include a remastering in this article is because we talk about one of the best coop games PS4 of the past generation if we talk about a shooter with touches of RPG, let alone if we do it with PS4 Co Op games mode. This is a proposal very similar to that of Diablo 3, with a great variety of well-differentiated classes and an overwhelming amount of weapons and objects to looters, not to mention the immense number of hours of play offered by both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, with extremely charismatic characters and extensive missions and worked on its development. One of the ps4 couch co op games if we have the disposition of long sessions -very long, rather- of game.

10. How to Survive 2

The survival in the frame of a zombie apocalypse is in charge of 505 Games and its How to Survive 2, the sequel to a PS4 Coop Games that in spite of sin of repetitive, yes it had a relative success. We find the classic mechanics of creation and combat against undead, and despite being able to count on the inestimable help of another player -or other 3-, we must take into account that we have to distribute the obtained resources, with what we can, It’s more fun, and also more difficult. It is not a revolutionary proposal, and the influence of other survival is more than evident, but it is very affordable and capable of offering direct fun without many complications within what is this genre.

11. Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania is the best coop games PS4 of the blue hedgehog seen in recent years, although for this Sega had to go back to the 90s and put it in the hand of a great fan with talent as Christian Whitehead. It can be played in full with another player, this driving the Tails fox, on the same screen, which creates chaotic situations at the same time fun. Tails have a great advantage, as it is not to lose rings, so you can attack final bosses without fear of losing them, while you can also carry Sonic over the wings for a short period of time. Unfortunately, the black point of this cooperative mode comes when the hedgehog increases speed and the fox lags behind, which obviously makes cooperation between them more difficult on several occasions.

12. Dragon’s Crown Pro

Yes, it has not come out yet, but Dragon’s Crown is so good that we really think we should recommend it two months ahead. The spirit of classics like Golden Ax or Dungeons & Dragons is revitalized in this instant classic of Vanillaware, which not only captures his personal and beautiful artistic style but also knows how to pick up the usual mechanics of an “I against the neighborhood” and add touches of RPG and looteo. The six available classes, the amount of content and its replayability, it’s visual and sound and 60 frames per second are credentialed sufficiently important to think that the wait will be worthwhile, although yes prepare to suffer because it can be devilishly difficult at times.

13. Rayman Legends

It has been seven years since Michel Ancel showed not only that Rayman could return successfully, but that he had the chance to become one of the best coop games PS4 platforms of today. After enjoying Rayman Origins in the last generation, its sequel Rayman Legends received a well-deserved review on PlayStation 4, where it looks better eye-catching visual and where of course, you can enjoy its fantastic cooperative mode. Other characters are added to its main character to be able to overcome a good number of phases, among which are the hilarious musical phases, created with an overwhelming imagination and personality.

14. Helldivers

The action arcade is a specialty of Housemarque, but not exclusive, as demonstrated by Arrowhead Games with Helldivers, which gives a 180-degree turn with respect to Magicka, its other creation, offering a violent and interplanetary action ideal to play in the company of up to 3 more players. Actually, the best option, the most recommended, is to play it ps4 couch co op games, since alone not only loses part of its charm, but its very high difficulty makes it sometimes insufferable, but on the contrary, it offers a high-level challenge for several players. A certain sense of repetitiveness moves it away from even greater heights, but it is still one of the most recommended action options on this list.

15. Knack 2

Although the original one earned the reputation of being the most disappointing PS4 Coop Games launch catalog, its sequel was able to redirect the franchise and become a game that was not outstanding, if it was quite solvent and greatly improved what was seen with the first delivery. His full-screen PS4 Co Op games mode for two players was one of the aspects that benefited the most, with attacks and exclusive abilities of this modality that does not suffer technical cuts in the possibilities offered in PS4 Pro: 1080p and a constant rate of 60 fps , or 4K resolution and a more variable frame rate per second.

16. Broforce

Shooting demanding and simple platforms, a formula that will remind us of another classic PS4 Coop Games such as Metal Slug, Broforce adds the peculiarity of being able to modify the scenarios destroying them, and thus be able to reach inaccessible a priori areas. Nor should we think that we are going to find something very complex, since the action is the hallmark of identity, sometimes very crazy by the presence of explosive barrels and other flammable objects. However, the most curious thing that this independent title offers is the presence of a large number of different characters -with different abilities- based on the great heroes of classic action movies such as Terminator, Robocop, Rambo, Universal Soldier, etc.

17. Overcooked

The game of Ghost Town Games bets 100% for local PS4 Co Op games, since the individual campaign is rather weak, and does not even have online gaming. As its name suggests, Overcooked is to coordinate to prepare different dishes with up to 3 other players -using only two controls-, a premise that may not seem very funny, but when the ps4 couch co op games want to complicate it, everything becomes a fantastic chaos. In addition, the great variety of scenarios gives variety to the challenge, since we will have to cook in ice, dark environments, etc. that will further complicate things in a game that, despite this, is not excessively long.

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Best Racing Games for PS4 of All Time

Live in the flesh the vicissitudes of a professional Rally or Motocross pilot, relax for a while and drive for driving, be the bad guy in the game, terrorize a city without law and survive with impunity.

It is important to add that all these experiences are much more realistic and rewarding to have a gaming chair (See Best Gaming Chairs) and a chord steering wheel  (See Best Gaming Flyers).

Drain the stress accumulated in traffic and crash shamelessly to whatever vehicle you go through the front, relive old times. We have everything on our list with The Best Racing Games for PS4.


1. Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport ps4 game

Let’s start as it should be. To talk about the best racing games on ps4, we have to refer yes or yes to this saga created especially for the Sony PlayStation and that, among other things, is the best selling video game on this platform.

Gran Turismo Sport is the twenty-third installment of a series that had its origins in the already distant 1998.

Developed by Polyphony Digital, a subsidiary of the giant Sony, but has sold so many virtual cars, which is a company autonomous enough to do (almost) what you want in terms of creating video game is concerned. The mastermind behind Gran Turismo Sport and the entire Gran Turismo saga is Kazunori Yamauchi, who in addition to being a videogame designer, is a professional pilot. Yamauchi always aimed to design a title that was as realistic as possible, but to get where he is today, he had to design the Motor Toon Grand Prix, a caricatured game, very much like Mario Kart.

A little history

The Gran Turismo saga is, for many, the one that opened the way for many Japanese cars in the markets of the Western Hemisphere, mainly in the United States. In times when on this side of the world the only highly known Japanese vehicle was the Toyota Corolla (with some others of the same brand or a few Nissan, but quite limited), and many children, youth and adults were experts after the steering wheel of previously unknown models such as the Mitsubishi Lancer or the Subaru Impreza.

By December 2015, more than 75 million copies of the game had been sold worldwide.

Debut on the PlayStation 4

Gran Turismo Sport is the debut of the franchise in the latest version of the console of his “dad” Sony.

It has three game modes: campaign, sports, and arcade, which are available to play online or offline. Like the previous versions (and what for some fans is still a pending task), does not have a “Day / Night” cycle, although players can configure if they want to run with inclement sun or under the stars.

It has 140 different cars to select. Among those debuting in this edition include:

  • Ferrari LaFerrari 13: the body of this supercar of the iconic Italian house is made with the same carbon fiber used in the racing cars in Formula 1. It develops a maximum power of 963 HP. Ferrari will only make 499 copies available to the public, so Yamauchi to include it in the game, makes the dreams of many come true.
  • Mazda Roadster S (ND): this is the fourth generation of this sporty compact two-seater, holder of the Guinness Record as the largest manufacturer of its kind.
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS 15: flagship model in terms of sports cars of the legendary German automaker. It has a “modest” V8 Twin Turbo engine, capable of developing 510 hp.
  • Ford Mustang GT Premium Fastback 15: a car racing simulator without a Mustang is nothing. The sixth generation of what is perhaps the biggest icon of American automotive companies has a 5-liter V8 engine, capable of developing 441 HP

The detail that was missing

Gran Turismo Sport opens the PlayStation VR platform for the franchise, the Virtual Reality viewer created by Sony Interactive Entertainment. These are the quality jumps that end up making a difference.

2. Project Cars 2

The sequel to the game that was released in May 2015 is here. This is Project Cars 2, a product developed by the British company Slightly Mad Studios, also responsible for the acclaimed Need For Speed: Shift.

Like Gran Turismo, the need for creators to simulate the real world in the most similar way possible is a theme that borders on obsession, with truly surprising results.

It has an important number of circuits, millimeter recreations of real locations, such as the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain, the National Circuit of Monza in Italy, the Silverstone Circuit in England and the Dubai Autodrome in the United Arab Emirates, among many others.

The cars are also based on real models, which were subjected to a significant number of tests used to capture, and then reproduce in the game, the behavior of the machines and all its components under specific conditions. Ben Collis, British pilot of the Formula 3 and who has completed several times in the 24 Hours of Le Mans (another race that has its simulation in the game), was commissioned to test the 170 models available to players.

Does Project Cars 2 take racing games to another level?

Si los cambios dinámicos de las condiciones atmosféricas y la introducción de un ciclo “Día/Noche” son tareas pendientes del Gran Turismo Sport, las mentes maestras en Slight Mad Studios decidieron cursar y aprobar ese curso de una vez. De hecho, uno de los aspectos más llamativos de esta segunda entrega es la posibilidad de correr una sola carrera con variedad de climas, incluyendo superficies totalmente congeladas.

The online mode is another of the strong points of the game, allowing absolute flexibility to players to compete against other gamers in a random way or organizing championships with friends and acquaintances. In the more “professional” environment, it also has an E-sports variant so that “video game professionals” can demonstrate all their abilities and strengths. As an added value, the races include a “professional” commentator, who in streaming describes everything that is happening in the competition.

The multiplayer option allows the synchronization of up to 12 4K screens so that each participant has the complete vision of what happens within the race.

And as it could not be missing, its version for the Sony console can be played with the virtual reality simulator PlayStation VR, with the wonderful detail that the lenses also reproduce and recreate the movements of our hands behind the wheel.

3. Dirt 4

This is the official game of the World Rally Championship, according to a license granted by the International Automobile Federation. One of the most anticipated of the genre. The Tenth installment of the series Colin McRae Rally and sixth under the title Dirt. Created by the British house of entertainment Codemasters one of the most influential independent companies in the sector, and those who have been producing the best racing games on ps4 since the time of Atari at 8 bits.

More of the same?

The most skeptical gamers expected that Dirt 4 was a simple continuation of Dirt Rally (a game that we will review later), but it is much more than that. While part of the same principle in many aspects such as visual, realism in the simulation or how to the interior of the game are distributed some elements.

In the Rally Mode, you can compete in exact “replicas” of the circuits of Lydden Hill in Great Britain, Höljesbanan in Sweden, Lånkebanen in Norway, Lohéac in France and the Pista Automóvel de Montalegre in Portugal.

But if the player does not want to compete in a known circuit, has the option Create your circuit, in which by entering two parameters referring to the length and difficulty of the track, you can design a custom track in seconds.

Dirt 4 is designed so that hardcore fans of PS4 Racing Games, and the saga, in particular, have fun to the fullest, maintaining levels of realism and high demands. But there is also room for those who just want to have fun for a while without having to feel in the first person what life is like for a racing driver.

And the cars?

70 cars to choose from, including models such as the Ford Fiesta R5, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV, Subaru WRX STI NR4 or the Audi Sport four S1 E2. It is available to participate in the Landrush Test Mode, which can compete for onboard trucks and buggies on land circuits, set in California and Nevada in the United States, and in Mexico. Within this option, the categories are divided into Pro-Buggies, Pro-Trucks 2, Pro-4 Trucks and Crosskart.

As for the atmospheric conditions, there are no dynamic changes during the races, nor “Day / Night” cycle. These conditions must be set before starting to run. It is important to note that although in Normal Mode the rain is only a decorative element, in the Simulation Mode if it has an impact on the way the car responds.

Another detail that the people of Codemaster sought to care enough, is the level of “destruction” in which the cars end after being involved in a collision: realistic detail.

The pending matter? It is not available to play with the PlayStation VR or any other device like that. That Dirt 4 could be played in a virtual reality simulator would have been the most.

4. MXGP 3

In our ranking of the Best Racing Games for PS4, we temporarily put aside the cars to move to Motocross with MXGP 3, the game on two wheels created by the Italian company Milestone, specialists in motorcycle games, with titles such as the Moto GP series or Valentino Rossi: The Game in your record.

More than real

The game recreates the full season of the 2016 Motocross World Championship, in its two categories: MGPX and MX2. All the pilots and all the races are available.

Continuing what started with the two previous deliveries, the Official Game of Motocross does not skimp on details as long as the gamers feel that, indeed, they “ride” some of these mechanical contraptions.

Hardness in the conditions of the tracks, as well as dynamic changes in weather conditions, are part of the elements that players must face. In a single competition, the pilots can face without mercy the inclement sun or end up in the middle of a torrential downpour that makes visibility difficult.

The Game Modes are divided into:

Grand Prize: allows you to select a driver to compete in a single race.

Motocross of the nations: the player chooses the country to “represent”

Against the clock: the idea is that the runners manage to lower the marks of each one of the circuits.

Championship: in addition to completing the agenda racing season 2016 of the World Motocross Championship, the game gives the option for players to choose one of the drivers to organize their own championship, being able to set the number of races and circuits Total freedom.

Race: the premise of this mode is that the players get to establish themselves as world champions, executing races as realistic as possible. This means that in their rookie year, for example, the pilots will start in a modest team and as they add successes, they could be “hired” by higher-cache teams.

Online: you can play from a single Grand Prix to entire championships between several players.

Importantly, MGPX 3 marks the debut of the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine within Milestone’s creations.

So just need to select your driver and you ride on the bike to compete for the title.

5. Forza Horizon 3

We return to the cars with a game that has an irresistible aggregate and that puts it to compete on an equal footing with the most emblematic franchises of the genre. This is Forza Horizon 3, whose interior architecture is built in Open World.

This is the third installment of a saga created especially for the Xbox One. Developed in collaboration between the Playground production companies, located in Royal Leamington Spa, England, and the subsidiary of Microsoft Studios, Turn 10 Studios, based in Redmond, United States.

Between kangaroos

Forza Horizon 3 is set in Australia and players to have a map twice as large as its predecessor. Among the real locations that are recreated include Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, Yarra Valley and Outback. It can be played alone, cooperatively between 2, and 4 competitors, while in the multiplayer function can run up to 12 players, allowing the use of Cross-Platform Play or multiplatform, as part of the program promoted by Xbox “Play Where It’s”.

The gamers have 350 different vehicles to choose from, including brands such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault, Subaru, and Toyota

Players Send

Being built in Open World, players have the facility to build races at their whim. This is how in the previous versions of the game the rules of the “Festivals” were already pre-established, now they are absolutely programmable by those who take part in the races.

Acclaimed by critics and gamers, the only complaint that the game receives is the constant “need” to update, typical of Microsoft products. For the rest, he is made to rave.

To play it on the PC requires a computer with the following minimum requirements: Windows 10, Intel Core i7 3820 @ 3.6GHz processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or GTX 1070 video card. AMD R9 290 X or RX 480 equivalents; 4GB VRAM video memory, 12 GB RAM memory, 55 GB available hard disk space and a monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution.

6. Road Rage

Here good manners and games for all audiences are over. As the name implies, Road Rage is, above all, violent and aggressive.

Developed by the California company Maximum Games, it is politically incorrect.

“In a city without order, there is no law to break”

A group of brave motorcyclists must tour the city of Ashen, an extremely dangerous place where there is neither law nor order. In order to survive, they must be in the constant of stealing money, flee and not kill them in the attempt.

Built with Open World architecture, within Road Range everything is worth it. The only rule is not to die. Users have 42 stories and 56 different entertainment missions.

In addition to their “gang” motorcycles, participants have available a number of “unorthodox” weapons, described by game developers as “perverse”. The bikes can be adapted according to the cravings of each user.

Suitable only for those over 18, so kids, go back to Mario Kart.

7. Dirt Rally

Higher up in our list with the Best Racing Games on PS4 we have already mentioned Dirt 4. Now it is the turn of a previous creation of the English of Codemaster, which stands out for not having Way of Walk or anything that resembles it. Dirt Rally is a game for the hardest fanatics of the racing titles, highly demanding and that usually leaves more than one frustrated by how complicated it can be.

The vehicles are also organized in groups, classified according to the years of manufacture: those belonging to the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s are located in Group B, in Group A those manufactured during the last decade of the 20th century and the first of XXI century, while in Group R are located the most recent manufacturing. In total, there are 36 cars available to users.

Three real locations served at first for the setting of the game, namely: Monte Carlo, Powys in Wales and Argolid in Greece. As it has been updated, new places have been added, such as Baumholder in Germany, Jämsä in Finland and Värmland in Sweden. In addition, with the signing of a contract between the production house and the International Automobile Federation, the circuits of Lydden Hill in England, Langebaan in Norway and Höljesbanan in Sweden were also included.

It can be played alone or among several players, in Rallycross Mode or Player VS Player.

The icing on the cake

The various updates it has been subjected to now allow it to be played with the PlayStation VR. In this platform, you can also play with the option of Cooperative Co-pilot (as if you were in a real rally), where a second person is indicating where to go or warns you about the presence of obstacles on the road.

Dirt Rally is available for PlayStation 4, XBox One, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

To play on the computer under Windows environment , an apparatus with the following minimum requirements is required: Athlon x2 Dual Core processor or Intel Core Duo @ 2.4 GHz; 4 GB of RAM memory, AMD HD 5450 or NVIDIA GT 430 or Intel HD 4000 graphics card with 1GB of VRAM, DirectX sound card , at least 35 GB of available space, in addition to Windows Vista or higher. In the case of Linux, Ubuntu 16.10 operating system or 64-bit SteamOS 2.0; processor Intel or AMD FX 6300 i7, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA 650ti or R90 AMD 270.

8.  FlatOut 4: Total Insanity

If you take the PS4 Racing Games with choco-cart mentality (I, eventually, I do), then FlatOut is the saga for you. The first version, developed at that time by the people of Bugbear Entertainment, came to light in 2004 and could be played on PlayStation, Xbox, Windows environment and even computers with Linux system . Since then, six sequels have been released for various media (including the increasingly ignored console Wii of Nintendo ), accumulating a not inconsiderable figure of 3 million copies sold.

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity is the eighth version of the game and, as its name suggests, is total madness. It was developed by the French of Kylotonn and distributed by the Canadian conglomerate Strategy First.

Destroy and win

To win in this game, you must not only cross the finish line first, but you also have to hit (at your pleasure) until you destroy the opponents.

The players have available 26 different cars, which can drive over 20 dynamic circuits. The game modes include from a kind of “resonance derby”, in which the players have to intimidate their opponents by only roaring their “beasts”. It also has Arena Mode, divided into three different challenges: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Survivor.

In the Caravan Mode,  you must advance and destroy a whole swarm of cars. Debuts the Assault Mode, where the cars come equipped with an arsenal so that the victory is not only achieved by clashing and crushing, also by shooting and blowing up all the opponents.

Naturally, it can be enjoyed individually or in multiplayer mode online, with the participation of up to 8 pilots. This is where the clashes can become really spectacular and bloody.

9. Assetto Corsa

More than a simple PS4 Racing Games, Assetto Corsa is a simulator. Developed by the Italian company Kunos Simulazioni, who was responsible for another similar title called Ferrari Virtual Academy, and distributed by 505 Games.

In 2014 it went on sale only available for computers in low Windows environment and two years later would publish the version for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

The Simulator

We have already reviewed in our list of the best racing games for PS4 titles where details are an important part of the work. In Assetto Corsa are work. The precision that demanded its design and elaboration required that, for example, the masterminds behind this work of art scan with laser technology inch by inch each of the race circuits that are represented, not to build reproductions “as accurate as possible “, do not. The work is simply EXACT.

The best racing games on PS4, the best cars

Assetto Corsa has more than 140 cars to drive, from different times and from different genres, so much so that we can get small models like the Toyota AE86 (or Toyota Thunder) introduced in 1983, the Ford Escort RS1600 from 1966, the Audi Sport Quattro manufactured between 1985 and 1986 or the 500 Fiat Assetto Corse manufactured at the end of the decade of 2000 and of which only 49 copies were put on sale.

There are also “classic” sports like the Alfa Romeo 4C, manufactured since 2013; the BMW M4 Coupe, manufactured since 2014, the Ferrari 458 Italia S3, the Ford Mustang 2015, the Lamborghini Miura, manufactured between 1966 and 1972 or the Maserati Granturismo S.

For those who want cars designed only PS4 Racing Games, there are models like the McLaren 650 GT3, Mercedes-Benz C9, Nissan GT-R Nismo 2014 GT3, Porsche 917 30, Alfa Romeo 155 Ti V6 93, Chevrolet Corvette C7R GTE or the Mazda RX -7 Turned. Even Formula One cars like the Maserati 250F, the Lotus Exos Type 125 or the Ferrari F138 are in stock.

Additionally, the game allows you to modify and even create your own vehicles, as well as the circuits. Even, the models that some users have built have been added to the game by the programmers of Kunos Simulazioni.

Up to 30 runners can compete at the same time in competitive mode, and the duration of the races can be infinite. Well, we know that infinite either. There are no limits, but we assume that at some point you have to go to the bathroom and eat.

About Virtual Reality

Of course, if you really want to be the automotive simulator for the common public, you have to be able to support augmented reality reproduction. This is how the game can be played using Oculus Rift, a viewer with headphones developed by Oculus VR, a subsidiary of Facebook.

You can program the time and duration of the races, as well as the weather conditions under which you will compete.

Another facility that the game offers to the players is the possibility of configuring in various ways the arrangement of the cameras, the saturation and the luminosity of the image. You can enjoy instant replays or save them to replay them whenever you want.

To complete the combo, downloads with new content (many of them free) are always available so that users do not stop having novel elements that always make “new” the experience of being a racing driver, at least in a simulator.

How could it be otherwise, the game is widely praised by both gamers and specialized critics.

In order to “run” on the personal computer, the game requires a computer with the following minimum requirements: Windows Vista or higher, AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHz processor or Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz; 2 GB RAM memory, DirectX 10.1 graphics card and DirectX version 11 sound; Broadband Internet connection and 15 GB of free hard disk space.

10.  Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

We closed our ranking with the beloved and hated in equal parts Mario Kart, but we have all played once or more than once.

How many of you ran Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo? In 1992, the year in which the game debuted, the Japanese company was the undisputed leader of the sector, having as sole competitors a dying Atari and the “incomprehensible” consoles of Sega. In 1994 the first PlayStation would appear and the story changed, but that’s another story.

Mario now has to save Nintendo

The novel about the survival of the centenary Nintendo Company Limited, by moment reminds us what happened in the mobile phone sector with Nokia and Blackberry , companies that became leaders in their markets (for years nobody sold more cell phones than Nokia), but they did not react quickly enough to the changes and the arrival of new technologies, so they ended up giving up.

Founded in 1889, the conglomerate of electronics and entertainment whose main headquarters is in Kyoto, it seems that there are still several “aces” up their sleeve, although for many years now (mainly their fellow Sony) are counting the minutes left to lie on the canvas forever.

After the Nintendo Wii U debacle , now comes a new console, the Nintendo Switch that, like the audience around Super Mario Bros , has divided the opinions of the “specialists” of the sector: there are those who believe that it will save the dishes, others believe that there is nothing to do, because the new generations of gamers, Nintendo sounds like Prehistory.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was designed exclusively to be played on this new hybrid device (it can be a desktop or portable tablet). Time will tell if the knight in the red cap could save his company, just as repeatedly and for decades he has been saving Princess Peach.

More of the same?

The game is practically a “remastering” of the previous installment of the series that was created for the Wii U. There are some that quite loudly claim that nothing happens with this, that as almost no one bought that console, the game will remain new to most.

The most notable variants, in addition to an obvious improvement in graphics thanks to advances in technology (the resolution of the video jumped from 720p to 1080p), is a completely improved Battle Mode, as well as the incorporation of new characters.

Battle Mode

Includes new scenarios, but without leaving aside the iconic past, such as the Battle Stadium. The players will start the competition with the score at 0 (previously they started with 3 points), so they will have to react quickly if they do not want to “die” too soon. And if a competitor wants to attack a particular character, now has the option to select it and not attack in a “random” as it had been. In total there will be five possibilities of play in this “Mode”.

As for the debuting characters: King Boo, arch enemy of Luigi; Dry Bones, the skeletal version of the Koopas troops that has been chasing Mario since Super Mario Bros 3 ; Bowser Jr., known by some as Koopa Jr. and who since Super Mario Sunshine has been helping his father Bowser (main villain of the entire franchise) to seize Princess Peach. Also, they appear the Inklings (boy and girl), personages of the series of games Splatoon and that already in other opportunities they have had small appearances within the world of Mario.

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20 Best PS1 Games of All Time

The origin of the console is quite curious: the breakdown of the agreement between Sony and Nintendo. This agreement was that Sony would develop CD-ROM for the SNES CD, but given the limited success of CD-ROM support at that time the project was canceled and Sony decided to launch its own console. The play did not turn out badly given the experience he had gained working side by side with Nintendo. Sony PlayStation became the most successful console of the fifth generation with more than 100 million units sold worldwide. The 32-bit Sony console, PlayStation, it went on sale in 1994 in Japan, and in 1995 in the United States and Europe.

The original remote for PlayStation did not include joysticks. These were added later with the analog control due to the constant growth of 3D ps1 games, and then a Dualshock version that would also bring the vibration function. Another of its accessories was the Memory Card with which we could save our games. In addition, over time, a Multitap was created so that up to four players could play at the same time. One of the main features of PlayStation and one of the reasons for its success was its huge catalog of games, of which we have made a selection with which we have the best 20 PlayStation games.

Oh! In case it has not been clear, this list IS NOT A RANKING, it is that: a list. Therefore, the position 1 is not better than the 20. Simply, we have numbered the games apra that is more comfortable to read, so you know how many you have left. Well, let’s go there!


1. Metal Gear Solid (Konami, 1998)

Metal Gear Solid ps1 game

Metal Gear Solid is the third installment of the saga created by Hideo Kojima after Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake , and the first adventure in the Sony console, PlayStation . Metal Gear Solid was to be developed initially for the 3D Oconsole and its launch was scheduled for 1994 under the name of Metal Gear Solid 3 . Due to the lack of financial support for the creation of the game, it was developed for PlayStation and went on sale as Metal Gear Solid on September 3, 1998 in Japan and October 21 in the United States. On June 24, 1999 the game also reached Europe.

The plot revolves around Solid Snake , a soldier who must infiltrate the facilities of an elite group known as FOXHOUND  on the island of Shadow Moses in Alaska . Solid Snake will have to rescue hostages, annihilate terrorists and avoid a nuclear launch, all in a plot that is characterized by its complexity and the immersion of the player with everything that surrounds him within the adventure. Metal Gear Solid was the first game in the series to make use of 3D graphics. In fact, the surname “Solid” is not only the protagonist of the adventure, it also refers to the “solid” environments that the technology of the time allowed to create for the game. In addition, this third installment of the Metal Gear saga used the same game engine for the numerous cinematics of the adventure. It is one of the Best PlayStation 1 games of this console, thanks also, in good part, to its legendary dubbing in which Alfonso Vallés put voice to the protagonist.

2. Soul Reaver (Crystal Dynamics, 1999)

Soul Reaver was the second game in the Legacy of Kain saga , and went on sale on PlayStation  in 1999. The facts of this second installment occur 1500 years after Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain , and tell how Raziel , son of Kain, he becomes a soul harvester guided by a divine force, and as if that were not enough, he has the difficult task of returning the natural balance to the city of Nosgoth . The game was a success, and with all the installments of the saga, the adventures of Kain and Raziel have sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide .

The importance of the plot, a spectacular artistic design and impressive final bosses were some of the keys to the success of one of the Best PlayStation 1 games . Without forgetting the combat system that forced us to use the environment to rise with victory and the enormous dimensions of Nosgoth , open to exploration, with many hidden areas and secrets to discover.

3. Dino Crisis (Capcom, 1999)

Dino Crisis was developed under the baton of the creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami . It was developed by Capcom for its launch on PlayStation in 1999, although later versions were made for Sega Dreamcast and Microsoft Windows in 2000. Its mix of survival horror with dinosaurs was a success, and the game managed to enter the lists of most sold during the year of its release, selling about 2 and a half million copies. The adventure revolves around Regina , an intelligence agent member of the SORT special forces. Regina and three other members of the team are sent to an island where a secret base is located of the government that has been attacked by dinosaurs. The team must escape from there and rescue Doctor Edward Kirk . The game has several endings depending on some decisions we make with our protagonsita.

Dino Crisis borrows many aspects of Resident Evil game mechanics , although in this case Capcom leaves the undead and replaces them with dinosaurs. During the plot we had to go through numerous desolate installations while solving riddles and getting security keys to access new areas. All this while we were attacked by the dinosaurs. The game used 3D graphics , something that was very novel for an era accustomed to pre-rendered graphics.

4. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (Naughty Dog, 2002)

The third installment of the Crash Bandicoot saga is considered by many to be the best. Critically acclaimed, it was also a sales success with more than five and a half million copies sold since its PlayStation launch  in July 2002. Later, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped was also available for download on PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Network . The adventure narrated as Crash and Coco Bandicoot They traveled through time with the complicated mission of collecting all the crystals that were usually at the end of each level. There were 25 crystals in total.

Naughty Dog developed new technology in the graphic engine for the creation of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped , which allowed a remarkable improvement in the textures with respect to previous deliveries and greater depth in the scenarios. In addition, new engines for game mechanics were devised in  order to facilitate the experience of facing the levels in which we had to drive small planes or jet skis. For example, the enemy planes were programmed to come out before our character’s and so we had time to shoot them before they turned around and finished with us.

5. FIFA 98 (EA Sports, 1997)

It is considered one of FIFA’s most important deliveries , as in addition to a new graphic engine, FIFA: Heading for the 98 World Cup also included tactical options, official soundtrack, real stadiums and new leagues for the first time . Another feature of this FIFA 98 , is the inclusion of the game mode “Course to the World Cup” , which allowed us to pass the qualifying stage and play the World Cup with any of the selections recognized by FIFA at that time, a total of 173.

FIFA 98 went on sale in seven different platforms between 1997 and 1998, was the third edition with 3D graphics of the fifth generation of consoles. In FIFA 98 we could enjoy 11 national leagues , and play for the first time in real stadiums , since previously the FIFA fields were fictitious. FIFA 98 was also a pioneer in introducing real songs for its soundtrack . Surely you still remember his main theme of Blur, Song 2, which sounded as we navigated the menus of the game. In addition, it was the first time that speakers participated in other languages, in Spain Manolo Lama and Paco Gonzáles were in charge of commenting and livening up the matches. Only a few months later, another game of the saga came out, focused on the world championship.

6. Driver 2 (Infogrames, 2000)

Driver 2 went on sale on PlayStation during the year 2000 in the hands of Infogrames. The game improved notably the graphics of the first installment of the saga, and maintained the possibility of visiting four different cities, yes, in this case the level of detail was greater and the game took full advantage of the power of PlayStation . In addition, the variety of vehicles is also much higher in Driver 2 , in which in addition to cars, we had trucks, vans and buses. The missions were improved with respect to the first installment, in its sequel they are more varied and they did not always start in the free floor of our character as it already happened in Driver, here the missions could start anywhere in the city.

The story was taken care of in detail, and its creators wanted the player to feel within the plot. So, the adventure revolves around Tranner and his partner Jones, who are in the midst of a gangster war . To solve the intricate plot that is presented to us, Tranner must go through different cities, such as Havana , Las Vegas or Rio de Janeiro and put an end to the criminal organizations that face it.

7. Gran Turismo (Sony Computer Entertainment 1997,1998)

Gran Turismo is the first installment of one of the most important driving sagas, in fact the first Gran Turismo is the best-selling PlayStation game with nearly 11 million copies sold worldwide. The game went on sale in Japan in 1997, and the United States and Europe in May 1998. In Gran Turismo we could get behind the wheel of 170 cars , and enjoy the 11 circuits of the game. Of course, to play with all vehicles we had to pass different tests, since not all were available from the beginning.

Gran Turismo introduces many new features, such as the use of the Dualshock control system and a realistic vibration never before seen on PlayStation . Graphically it was quite spectacular for the time, and if you do not remember the surface of the cars and how it shone when the light reflected on them. In addition, in Gran Turismo we could change the original configuration of the cars, giving the game a little extra customization. On the other hand, the cars boasted a very realistic behavior both in the curves, as in the moment of acceleration and braking.   

8. Resident Evil 2 (Capcom, 1998)

Although a version for Saturn was also weighed, Resident Evil 2 ended up appearing on PlayStation in 1998, although later versions would be made for other consoles such as Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast. The story of Resident Evil 2 is placed two months after the events of the first installment of the saga in the Spencer Mansion,when the zombies have invaded Raccoon City . And that is where the destinies of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield would cross and they would have to survive together the terrifying creatures that had taken the city.

Resident Evil 2 for PlayStation  boasted spectacular pre-rendered 3D video sequences . In addition, graphically far surpassed what was seen in the first installment, highlighting the design of the scenarios and the modeling of the characters. Resident Evil 2 also had a Dualshock version that included support for analog control with vibration , and also added a “novice” mode to the game.

9. Spyro The Dragon (Insomniac Games, 1998)

Spyro is one of the icons of PlayStation , and its first delivery was very popular. The adventure was led by the dragon Spyro and a dragonfly called Sparx , although the true hero here is the first. Spyro is chosen to save his race and will have to travel six worlds with several levels each to collect gems , saving the other dragons and preparing to face the evil Gnasty Gnasc .

The animations of the game were incredible and the game can boast of having had one of the best PlayStation  graphics . Spyro The Dragon took full advantage of the capabilities of the console at the time, which gave the game quite large scenarios without losing graphical quality. Colorful, original and retailer, one of the best PlayStation 3D platforms could not be missing from the list .

10. Final Fantasy VII (Square, 1997)

It was the first Final Fantasy for PlayStation and the first to see the light in the European market. The seventh installment of the saga was a pioneer in the introduction of animated sequences , as well as in the use of 3D graphics . During the adventure we had to put ourselves in the skin of Cloud Strife , and together with the eco terrorist group AVALANCHE , stop the Shinra Corporation , which used the life of the planet as a source of energy.

Graphically, Final Fantasy VII squeezing the full potential of PlayStation , the introduction of 3D in the saga was a big step, but sometimes this tridimensionalidad was partial, for example on stage with prerendered backgrounds. Of course, during his spectacular battles in turns the 3D was complete. In addition, the whole adventure was accompanied by an epic soundtrack , with melodies to remember.

11. Doom (Id Software, 1995)

It was originally created to work in the DOS operating system . This first-person shooter put us in the shoes of a Marine during a mission on one of the moons of Mars, but everything gets complicated when the gates of hell open up leaving all kinds of demonic creatures free , so our main objective It was to survive at all costs throughout the levels of the game.

The Doom for PlayStation went on sale in 1995, and did so as a conversion of the first two installments of the saga by Williams Entertainment . For its PlayStation  version, the same graphic engine was used, although with some updates, such as depth of colors. Of course, some enemies of the original game were also eliminated and to optimize the title in PlayStation some areas of the map and some textures were reduced.

12. Medal of Honor (DreamWorks Interactive, 1999)

Medal of Honor , first game of the saga, was one of the few titles in dealing with the conflict of World War II during the generation of PlayStation . The game was created and produced by Steven Spielberg , whose desire to deal with World War II was met twice, as in a year premiered the film Save Soldier Ryan and this first game in the series. Medal of Honor focuses on soldier Jimmy Patterson, with whom we will have to meet numerous objectives, such as destroying enemy positions, all under the framework of the Second World War between 1944 and 1945. In fact, the saga does not abandon the theme of the Second World War until 2010 with the game Medal of Honor for PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 and PC .

Another noteworthy aspect was the soundtrack of the game created by the composer Michael Giacchino , who for example has been the creator of the music that accompanied Jack and the rest of the survivors during his adventures in the series Lost . Giacchino commented at the time the importance of Jimmy Patterson, the protagonist of the game, who not only faces the main plot of the adventure, also has to deal with personal dilemmas.

13. Medi Evil (ECS, 1998)

In the game we put ourselves in the shoes of Sir Daniel , a knight resurrected by the magic of the evil sorcerer Zarok , and who will have the difficult mission of freeing the kingdom of Gallowmere that Zarok has conquered with an army of undead and demons of the shadows . During the game we not only had to face numerous enemies, there were also stretches of complex platforms and secret zones . In addition, we had many objects and runes that we had to collect and that were sometimes the ones that allowed us to access the next area of the map.

MediEvil was characterized by the incredible variety of its game mechanics. We had stretches of platforms, action and puzzle solving. Graphically it was not the best thing that happened through the Sony desktop console, but it did have a very careful level design and although the characters were somewhat crude, the effects of light and fire were quite realistic.

14. Tomb Raider II (Eidos Interactive, 1997)

Lara Croft , one of the best ps1 games  and a symbol of sensuality and eroticism, that accompanied by incredible adventures became an explosive mixture. The second installment of the Tomb Raider saga went on sale on PlayStation in November 1997. Developed by Core Design and distributed by Eidos Interactive , it was a great commercial success reaching to sell more than eight million copies worldwide. Tomb Raider II , although it is also known as Tomb Raider: The Dagger of Xian , told the adventures of Lara Croft while looking for the Dagger of Xian, a search that would take him to numerous locations throughout the planet, such as Venice or China.

Graphically, Tomb Raider II was created with the same engine as the first delivery, although with some improvements. One of the most important is the movement of Lara’s ponytail . In addition new weapons were added, such as the grenade launcher or an M16 rifle , new movements and some levels with small sections in which we had to drive a motorboat or a motorcycle. On the other hand, in Tomb Raider II we could also enjoy larger levels than in his first adventure, as well as more enemies . Many also remember the ending with shower included …

15. Parasite Eve (SquareSoft, 1998)

Parasite Eve , adventure of terror with touches of role that did not arrive to our country, although curiously its sequel yes that it did it and in addition, translated. The story of the game is based on a book by Hideaki Sena . Although the title only went on sale in Japan and the United States, Parasite Eve was a success and later Parasite Eve II was developed. The story revolved around Aya Brea , an inexperienced 25-year-old New York police officer, who when she sets out to enjoy the opera on Christmas Eve, almost everyone who meets her in the theater burst into flames. From there begins an adventure of terror , with touches of role and some cinematic the less spectacular.

It was not the best of the time in terms of graphics is concerned, but the simplicity of its set endowed the adventure with the graphic quality necessary to get into its history and enjoy a unique title. In addition, once finished, we could repeat the story again in a mode called  EX Mode , in which we could enjoy a new level of difficulty , an additional level of play and an alternate ending. In fact it was considered the true end of the game because the first we could see did not like it at all, and apparently not even its creators.

16. Silent Hill (Konami, 1999)

The game put us in the shoes of Harry Mason , who had to find his adopted daughter disappeared in the tourist area of Silent Hill , and for this would have the help of a police officer called Cybil Bennet . Its complex history and its terrifying atmosphere, where fog and darkness surrounds us constantly, made this survival horror a success, which continued during its two sequels, also acclaimed by critics. With Silent Hill 4: The Room , sales of the franchise began to fall. Still, the saga has had two film adaptations and a large number of novels and comics set in the Silent Hill universe.

Another feature of Silent Hill was the use of several endings, one of them good, another bad and one with certain touches of “humor” in which the protagonists have an encounter with aliens. It should also be noted its careful soundtrack , which helped, and much, to get completely complete in the atmosphere of terror and tension that was breathed in the game.

17. Broken Sword II: The forces of evil (Revolution Software, 1997)

Sequel to one of the most successful graphic adventures , Broken Sword II went on sale in 1997 thanks to the incredible success of the game in its PC version . Of course, during the transfer to the Sony console , some aspects of the game’s graphic quality were lost, such as facial animations, although its full-screen cartoon aesthetic on PlayStation worked very well.

The story revolved around George, who after seeing how his girlfriend Nicole was kidnapped, must embark on a crusade to rescue her and face conspiracies of Mayan cults related to a solar eclipse. In this second installment was included the possibility of controlling both George Stobbart and Nicole Collard , and although their 2D graphics hardly improved compared to the original adventure, they did introduce small improvements such as smoke or changes in the inventory menu.

18. Tekken 3 (Namco, 1998)

It was the last game in the saga for the Sony console .  Graphically outperformed his predecessors thanks to a new engine that allowed us to enjoy some better fighters and textures that hardly suffered any slowdown. In addition, 15 new characters were added , such as Forest Law and Ling Xiaoyu , who joined the already well-known Yoshimitsu , Kuma or Nina Williams .

The improved engine allowed a more controllable air combat, facilitated dodging enemy blows and allowed to perform spectacular combos . Of course, Tekken 3 reduced the height at which we could jump, giving a more realistic look to these movements. In the sound section, the game was complemented with more modern music and more “cañera”.

19. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins (Activision, 1998)

One of the main characteristics of this stealth adventure set in Japan is that all levels occurred at night due to the graphic limitations of the time and the power of PlayStation , so the scenarios did not have great horizons and we had to overcome them with visibility reduced. Of course, his incredible story and the opportunity to become a ninja during the missions made up for the non-spectacular graphic section.

He was a pioneer in incorporating stealth into ninja games , as well as traditional aspects of martial arts. Although Tenchu also moved away from reality in some moments of the game, adding fantasy elements and Japanese mythology . In this adventure we could choose which of the two characters perform the missions, and as we used to Rikimaru or  Ayame , the video sequences suffered small variations.

20. Syphon Filter 2 (989 Studios, 2000)

Siphon Filter 2 continued with the story right where it had left the first installment of the saga, and went on sale in February 2000, just a few months after its predecessor. Even so, and despite the little time that the guys at 989 Studios had to develop this  third-person shooter , they far surpassed the original, with a longer and more exciting story and much wider scenarios. As if that were not enough, in Syphon Filter 2 was included a game mode for two players , and although it was simply to finish our friend in closed scenarios in one-on-one best ps1 games, it was very fun.

The animations were quite decent and the character moved with agility through the scenarios. Graphically, it did not undergo many changes with respect to the original, although there were improvements in the effects of light and textures . Special mention to the cinematics of the game, some quite violent, and that helped us to unravel the plot.

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