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27 Best RTS Games of All Time

The 27 best PC strategy games: from ‘X-COM: Apocalypse’ (1997) to ‘Total War: Warhammer II’ (2017)

The medieval, the spatial or the fantastic, digitize military conflicts, attend diplomacy, learn a thousand miles per hour and enjoy idyllic periods of peace – in ‘ Balance of Power ‘ or ‘DEFCON’ was directly a requirement to win – in a world conquered by bayonet and mortar.

Strategy by turns or in real time? It does not matter We can go back to the years of ‘ Wargy ‘ (1976), to the primitive hexagonal grids to speak of an immortal genre. Here you have our gourmet selection, absolutely objective and truthful as the truth itself. Timeless classics and recent wonders, with purchase link to try those that you like the most.

And please, if your personal favorite is not on this list, you can mention it in the comments. Nothing better to break the monotony of spring than facing the best RTS games.

27. Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri (1999)

Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri

No, there is no space here for ‘Beyond Earth’. Because we have not yet healed the scars of the planet Chiron. Brian Reynolds was responsible for the design and Sid Meier put the signature – which led to a lengthy legal dispute – which is probably one of the best written RTS.

Space operates premium quality, where each turn counts. They were magical times without a doubt. The team was able to appeal to comfort and invent a ‘Civilization III’ with spatial colonization.

Instead, the newly inaugurated Firaxis turned all its industrial, technological and creative resources to build a jewel where the literature of Frank Herbert, Kim Stanley Robinson and Vernor Vinge draw our games.

26. X-COM: Apocalypse (1997)

X-COM Apocalypse 1997

And why not the official debut, or the review carried out by Firaxis, or even that Xenonauts, a kind of unlicensed remake full of darkness and bad grapes? Why not. ” X-COM: Apocalypse “, the third installment in the master saga of Julian Gollop limits the space – a unique game scenario – and expands the bad grape -developing extraterrestrial technology- to its possible limit.

The fifth game of Mythos and is probably the best of its kind. There is nothing like it. A lot of eye with mind control.

25. X-COM 2 (2016)

X COM 2 (2016)

We jump almost two decades to a planet Earth dominated by aliens, reverse the tables is almost impossible.

‘ X-COM 2 ‘ is that almost perfect sequel, the finale to a dynasty marked by narrative milestones. Most of the change is established: we must draw ambushes, move between the shadows and burst their bastions. Although a Chosen One can kidnap, interrogate and execute part of our troop and burst our plans.

24. Age of Empires II HD (2013)

Age of Empires II HD

‘ Age of Empires II ‘ is living history between mythology and didactics. The high school students went from hatching the ages of kings to clicking on blue troops and measuring the cost of sacrificing our cavalry. From the suicide outposts with William Wallace to the rise of Frederick Barbarossa.

The extinct Ensemble Studios was more than just the meme “wololo” factory, it was the home of the best light strategy, the gateway to a genre. If we have not stopped to talk about it it is something (more than nostalgia).

23. Total War: Warhammer II (2017)

Total War Warhammer II

Yes, we could have dedicated this space to claiming ‘Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War’, but the new studio trilogy offers a new point of view that players should not ignore.

The gigantic lore of ‘Warhammer Fantasy’ together with the mechanical system of ‘Total War’. Creative Assembly has reached a ceiling with this project. We can be stupefied by the graphics quality of those rats out of the abyss or launch to conquer the three continents. Both options are valid, but it is obvious that this alliance is setting a pattern in the history of the genre.

22. Invisible, Inc. (2015)

Invisible Inc.

One of the virtues of chess lies in its possible movements. After the first advance, there are 400 possibilities. After the second turn, we have 197,742 possible games. A simple board game about is that it is almost impossible to quantify the time it would cost to replicate all possible movements.

This is also the virtue of Invisible, Inc: we lose because we have not analyzed the game with three or four moves ahead. Tension grows as we value which option is the least bad. It is a game on which to throw the towel at the first exchange and on which to stay to live after the first hours. Do not forget to kill them all.

21. Prison Architect (2015)

Prison Architect (2015) rts game

Strategy games are full of evil and perversion. They shake our morale until our worst intentions slip out of our pockets. Or a hidden knife.

If we did not have enough to bribe savages for a good situation next to an iron mine or if it was not enough to fill our ice cream with ice, ‘ Prison Architect ‘ is born with even more crappy vocation: we must manage a prison. And keep the prisoners happy. Or satisfied, at least. If not, they will mount riots, and our pampered housing, security and recreation systems will explode into pieces.

20. Total War: ROME II (2013)

Total War ROME II rts game

Another bit of Total War and a direct sequel to an absolute success. Not in vain Creative Assembly is one of the main actors in this business. What began as a European conquest has spread throughout Africa and the Near East. In fact, just a few weeks ago, four new kingdoms were added: Kush, Saba, Nabatea and Numidia.

The mime with which they recreate the movements of each regiment and the way in which tribes, monarchies and republics coexist on stage is hallucinatory. An ideal example to play, but also to watch.

19. Company of Heroes 2 (2013)

Company of Heroes 2 pc rts game

The first installment turned grandfather’s battles into the military lyric. Destructible environments in 2006 and the most important historical events of the 20th century treated from the warlike aspect. ‘ Company of Heroes 2’, the second installment of Relic Entertainment, raises the volume and category: more battles, challenges, more enemy armies and the same sense of epic sifted by the smell of shrapnel and fallen allies.

Anyone who likes the genre needs to move their tanks here. Taking advantage of the competitive/cooperative modalities of two to eight players, Relic’s the perfect plan for an icy Saturday.

18. Hearts of Iron IV (2016)

hearts of iron 4

Video games are the best catalyst to spit out certain impulses, either to exorcise anger or to see culminated unspeakable desires. If there is something better than turning the United States into a communist republic, it is in doing the same with Nazi Germany. Or delay the conflict through different trials and alliances.

Choosing as starting point 1936 or 1939, in our journey we will have to change the course of events until the deadline, 1948. And read. Because if you’re going to enjoy this unique piece, it’s a matter of going through the different wikis and learning the whole story that you suspended at the institute. I still wonder why this saga is not used to illustrate the most boring classes in modern history.

17. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (2010)

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty

If this word does not serve to excite your interest, maybe we should say that Blizzard is one of the most popular sagas in the history of real-time strategy. ‘ Starcraft II ‘ is one of those obligatory stops on our gastronomic route.

Making use of a competent AI, controlling the fragile terrans, invading with the disgusting zergs or learning from the intelligent Protoss leaves sequels. Do not forget to give it a try.

16. Medieval II: Total War (2006)

medieval 2 total war

We recommend Medieval II twice : as a game it is splendid in almost all its facets, up to well-balanced options. As a skeleton on which giving birth to mods is inexhaustible.

The Lord of the Rings, Warhammer, Gothic or even The Elder Scrolls: the most turbulent time in Western history is happier if we manage pop icons of fantasy literature.

15. The Banner Saga (2014)

The Banner Saga game

Completed the trilogy we believe that it is the perfect time to revisit the Stoic games.

‘ The Banner Saga ‘ is a Viking role drawn by hand where the decisions of the leader affect the group, the internal relations – we can lose allies or keep them fed by fear -. With a wide range of decisions, we aim to turn our town into a prosperous one, and that this nomadic caravan has alliances in every corner of the map .

14. Stellaris (2016)

stellaris game

Whole galaxies are generated based on how we propose different strategies, affecting our military or diplomatic capacity to other civilizations, discovering treasures by accident in the middle of our scientific missions and another shout of possibilities.

‘ Stellaris ‘ has remnants of the economy seen in ‘EVE Online’, inherits elements from the cold and ignored ‘Startopia’ and drinks from the various ‘Civilization’. It will be very difficult for you not to find something in it that does not keep you hooked to the mouse.

13. FTL: Faster Than Light (2012)

FTL Faster Than Light

Difficult and addictive The result of a Kickstarter that raised 20 times what was requested, this roguelike style RPG – you lose your advance when you die – became an instant classics. Why?

Justin Ma and Matthew Davis put us at the controls in the management of different spaceships. Our objective is to avoid being captured, destroyed or seriously affected by the different attacks from outside, while we watch over our crew and the different modular subsystems of the boat. And hook. And it irritates, of course. This is a recommended from best RTS games of all time.

12. Homeworld Remastered (2015)

Homeworld Remastered 2015

We continue talking about things that carry the acronym HD because they can. Although in this case, the review has been more ambitious. The idyll between Relic and Gearbox gave us a completely inexhaustible piece of strategy in real time.

He put on the table the tools with which to make what any child’s fantasy come true: hyperspace at any time, three-dimensional circulation system – what was called “z-axis” and that are summarized in ships moving vertically and horizontally during the battle, with the consequent drills- and explosions of all possible colors.

‘ Homeworld Remastered ‘, an adaptation of 2015, takes the minimal of the interface, the poetry of the trip and the epic of its single-player campaign and complements it with support for mods, sickly multiplayer and an even more intuitive navigation system.

11. Dominions 5 – Warriors of the Faith (2017)

Dominions 5 Warriors of the Faith

IllWinter designs classic-style strategy games. They are ugly, confusing and with quite demanding internal rules. But we are a god. While we put our magicians to cast spells against a titan, on the other side we can reanimate fallen troops to create a monstrous army.

We chose the fifth installment for obvious reasons: each one has been a step forward in the original model. And this fifth iteration is sold to the weight: 86 factions, 200 gods, 3,000 types of units, 500 types of spells, 7 magical schools and up to 3,000 random events in different random maps. The goal is always the same: to prevent your domain from dying.

10. King of Dragon Pass (1999)

King of Dragon Pass 1999

Some developers take the painful route, the introspection on the megalomaniac scale, the moral or even spiritual choices about the strict military force. ‘King of Dragon Pass’ (not to be confused with  King of the Dragons ) proposes exactly what the title tells: becoming the most important king of the Dragon Pass.

The developers involved are already finishing off a kind of sequel,  Six Ages. Only they themselves could continue their unusual legacy. The best thing about this little gem is that it has Android and iOS versions. So if you cheer up, you will not have to wait to continue playing every time you leave home. Win-win

9. Endless Legend (2014)

Endless Legend 2014

This you did not expect, right? The lucid debut of Amplitude Studios well deserves a space here.

If ‘Homeworld’ realizes the dreams of pilots on megalomaniac’s vessels, Endless Legend takes the classic frame and the rules of the four Xs (explore, expand, exploit resources and exterminate the opponent) and turns them around with a basic trick: a end-of-the-world timer that we see translated environmentally, through the climate of the planet, more fierce at every minute.

Each faction has unique properties, nothing to impose diplomacy on the barbarians (necrophages, in this case). The great virtue, if you ask me as a player, resides in its own rules. Some that extend through a trilogy of games, closing the different story arcs.

8. Crusader Kings II (2012)

Crusader Kings II 2012

‘Crusader Kings II’ is one of the few games that can boast of converting vassalage into a hallmark. Marriages of convenience that bind you and faithful that break your confidence with all the fury possible. Controlling inheritances and hierarchical struggles are essential, not a simple revolver in a drawer to turn events.

Covering the Middle Ages (1066-1453) and feeding each powder magazine of these four centuries, do not forget that if you try it you stay. In Steam, the temporary average that their buyers have devoted to the title is 99 hours. Many of them own  250 euros in expansions.

7. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (2007)

Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

To talk about this marvel of Gas Powered Games we must go back to ‘Total Annihilation’, the game that put Chris Taylor on the map. ‘Total Annihilation’ is something like the Our Father of the PC RTS. An immense map where to get lost in hostile battles, a conflict between flesh and machines have reached the ceiling and each side, as the intro of the game says, accepts only one result: “the complete eradication of the other.”

Death in real time in an even broader, bolder revision and full of small mechanical nuances that allow us to reach victory in so many ways that it is not uncommon to feel that playing one of a hundred possible ways.

6. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (2012)

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion

We return to the stars: Rebellion is the end of a stage, the decline of an empire. For those who do not know this delivery that acts as an expansion, suffice it to say that it inherits from the genders (Pax Imperia, Masters of Orion) its spatial coldness and incorporates a million variables, a relatively accessible HUD and many bursts of lasers.

We are in the middle of a great war between three factions, TEC, Advent and Vasari, and our mission is to survive at all costs. Thunderstorms and gaseous giants will greet us every so often to test our nerves.

5. Civilization IV (2005)

Civilization IV 2005

Speaking of Our Fathers, everything has been said about the, perhaps, most popular saga in the history of strategy games. And maybe his vanilla version did not arrive as complete as his later delivery – and much less with respect to  CIV VI -, but today it is practically impossible to find a more effective and more addictive example.

It does not matter, everyone drinks your oxygen: you finish a game and you’re already planning another with another empire.

6,000 years of history where you will hear the voices of Leonard Nimoy in different tones and the main theme that does not stop being an Our Father in Swahili. It was, in fact, the first song in a video game to receive a Grammy nomination.

4. Europa Universalis IV (2013)

Europa Universalis IV

Paradox again, of course. If they strive to improve their game to obsession, we can not ignore the courage. Framed between 1444 and 1821 -from the pre-Renaissance to Colonialism-, this time we control almost any nation where there is something to tell. In addition, the players, in their inexhaustible conformity, have recreated during the last years almost any province and nation that you can think of.

As straight out of private libraries, the Europa Universalis IV is a story rich in nuances, full of historical factors that mark the future of a convulsive world.

Each action is part of a superior set. My colleague Probertoj defined this perfectly: “Thanks to the cultural nuclei, it becomes more important to manage the actions of missionaries, spies and the rest of our entourage.”

3. Factorio (2013) The Best RTS Game

Factorio 2013 rts game

‘Factorio’ is full of good ideas. Under its innocent framework is hidden a management game where we build and maintain factories, extract resources, research technologies and automate production to anticipate needs.

It is also an example of aridity, discouraging in its goal: it converts every living space into diagrams where everything is green and brown, where coal and metallurgy dilute any evolutionary dream . Our goal, in fact, is to achieve a perfection in the technological tree that requires the least possible human intrusion.

2. Darkest Dungeon (2010)

Darkest Dungeon 2010 game

It’s time for roguelike . Nobody light the torches. If you have played ‘Darkest Dungeon’ you will know that the management of resources, the decision making and the planning of the next step is cardinal. In the meantime, we may have burst into tears because a bad tactic has destroyed our group.

The thick stroke of a Poe in the narrative and the Gothic charm of a certain old role can be seen here through warriors, magicians and increasingly cretinous monsters. But the curiosity of survival overcomes any obstacle. We want to be better, we want to be that definitive master that changes the future of those poor and tortured lives.

1. Gary Grigsby’s War in the East (2010)

Gary Grigsbys War in the East

In a veiled way, he quoted a Chris Crawford at the beginning of the article. Well, next to him we must highlight another such as Gary Grigsby. Between them, two practically invented the genre, when Sid Meier still did not know how to tie his shoes.

The difference of ‘War in the East’ with respect to another hundred war games lies in its brain muscle. It is serious and sober, it demands time and money, and each variable opens a thousand possibilities. The best RTS game that understands the small and dark nuances of the conflict on the Eastern front in the literal way: you have to suffer to win.

Of course, if you have not had enough, you can always resort to free classics like  Warzone 2100 or Dune 2: Battle For Arrakis , or even drop by lighter experiences like the ‘Tropico’, flee from so much military squadron in favor of a football manager or kill them all in  Rise of Nations . Power is in your hands. At the click of a mouse.

We are a team of Gamers behind the BestGamesMag and we love to provide you the best list in term of gaming so you can always enjoy Best Games.

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Games List

Best Pokemon Games of All Time

It has been 22 years since Pokémon first came onto the market with its Red and Green editions. Since then, the saga has become a synonym of success, selling millions of units with each of its main deliveries and producing a multitude of spin-offs that have allowed us to enjoy our favorite creatures in a variety of different genres, Not to mention the gigantic merchandising machinery that has always been associated with the license.

With so many releases under his belt, it’s hard to choose between so many best pokemon games , so taking advantage of the fact that this year we will receive the first title of the main series for Nintendo Switch, we decided to make a selection of the top 20 best pokemon games, by our team.

To make things a little more interesting and varied, we have self-imposed some small rules when designing this list. In this way, we will only choose one delivery of each series of the spin-off (although here we will make a small exception, as you will see), while of the main titles we will include all the editions (including its definitive one) as one. Also, if there is a game that has a remake, such as Silver and Gold or Red and Blue, we will only select the remake or the original version, but never both. With all this said, we finally give way to our list of the 20 best Pokemon games: we hope you enjoy it!


20. Pokemon GO (2016 – iOS, Android)

pokemon go game

Probably many of you have raised your eyebrows a little when you see Pokémon GO on this list. Not in vain, if we judged it only as “game”, probably would not go too well , since its gameplay cannot be simpler and basic: the gym matches do not go much beyond beating the screen of our mobile to all speed and the rest consists basically of walking through our city locating Pokémon and launching Poké Balls left and right.

But despite this, this peculiar application has managed to do what no video game so far: remove half of their homes to play and take walks in the company in one of the most amazing social phenomena of 2016, which has left all kinds of curious anecdotes. Although now things have calmed down and the collective madness has passed, it is still a title played and used by both Android and iOS users who know how to make our daily walks much more entertaining by capturing these charismatic pocket monsters.

19. Pokemon Ranger: Strokes of Light (2010 – Nintendo DS)

The Pokémon Ranger trilogy may not have been the best pokemon fan games that came out of the license, but it must be recognized that they are far from being bad games, offering very simple adventures, enjoyable and enjoyable to play.

In addition, his proposal was, at least, quite curious, because here our goal was not to “capture” these creatures, but to make friends with them and “calm them” by drawing circles at full speed , something that against the bosses had more crumb of what it might look like In fact, here the Pokemon with which we are friends did not fight, but simply supported us during the confrontations, giving us various advantages with their abilities.

Unfortunately, their low difficulty, the low rhythm of their scripts and the monotonous that came to be made their main mechanic prevented these games from reaching further. Of all of them, we are left with Trazos de Luz, the most polished and complete of all.

18. Pokemon Colosseum (2004 – Nintendo GameCube)

At first, Pokemon Colosseum was going to be the equivalent of Pokemon Stadium of the third generation, but in the end what we received was a much more ambitious and experimental game that, in addition to offering us the possibility of fighting three-dimensional combats on desktop with our cartridges Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red and Green Leaf in all types of stadiums, also brought with it an exclusive and surprisingly original role adventure .

In fact, it was not the typical game of Pokemon, because here we incarnated one of the “bad guys” (who, obviously, was not so much) and instead of capturing pocket monsters we had to steal them from other trainers to purify them, as long as these were corrupt. Thanks to this premise, the title presented a story and a somewhat more mature and dark tone of what we were accustomed to seeing in the saga, in addition to completely away from its typical clichés, as “get all” or get all the gym medals.

The downside is that the main plot was extremely short and the selection of Pokemon that we could steal was too limited. We also missed something more exploration, since the scenarios were too small and linear. Of course, all this did not prevent it from being a very entertaining and recommendable experience for any fan of the series.

17. Pokken Tournament DX (2017 – Nintendo Switch)

We will not deny that we wanted a Pokemon fighting game practically since we were able to get our hands on Red and Blue for the first time, so the announcement of Pokken Tournament was something we received with open arms, especially when the team behind him had such renowned names in the genre as Katsuhiro Harada, creator of Tekken.

Although the final result was not as satisfactory as we would have liked, we have to admit that it offered us a very original and unique fighting game that divided the action into open phases with three-dimensional free movement with a more closed duel and with the classic camera lateral of the genre. Both did not stop exchanging constantly, which favored very dynamic and entertaining clashes, especially if we take into account the care and care that had been put in representing each of its playable Pokemon.

However, its character template was too low, the gameplay seemed insufficient and very unattractive, and the title suffered an alarmingly playable depth that made us tire of it before time. Luckily, it’s DX version for Switch solved some of these problems (relatively), becoming an interesting purchase option for anyone wanting to give themselves cakes with their favorite pocket monsters.

16. Detective Pikachu (2018 – Nintendo 3DS)

Detective Pikachu is the most recent and pleasant surprise that the saga has left us in a very long time. In essence, it is a very easy and simple graphic adventure whose puzzles offer everything but a challenge, but in spite of that, he managed to conquer us for only one reason: his charismatic protagonist.

Unlike the Pikachu we all know, this peculiar detective speaks with a hoarse and serious voice, is addicted to coffee, does not know how to run on all fours and goes everywhere always tired, does not hesitate to try to flirt with any cute girl that crosses on his way, he is unable to perform Pokemon movements and resolves cases and crimes like nobody else.

Thanks to his constant presence, the adventure gains an interest and charm in his narrative as we had never seen before in a game of the series, getting us hooked and enjoy each step we take until the end and solve all the mysteries that are they raise us.

15. Mysterious World Pokemon: Blue and Red Rescue Team (2006 – Game Boy Advance)

Pokemon Mysterious World is another of the most prolific spin-offs that have left us the license, with several deliveries already to its credit. Here the idea is to turn ourselves into a Pokemon (something that is usually done with a personality test) to establish a friendship with the rest of creatures that live in a world without humans and where they have developed their own society. And all this while we overcome dozens of challenging dungeons with random design in which we move in turns.

Although its gameplay is extremely repetitive (we will do the same from the beginning to the end), they are very entertaining games with surprisingly complex and elaborate scripts that usually capture our interest with relative ease. And all this not to mention the gigantic amount of hours that will take us to complete them 100% and meet all their optional challenges.

If we had to stay with one of them, the thing would be between Pokémon Megamisterioso World (overwhelmingly complete and polished) and its first delivery, Blue and Red Rescue Team , which is why we have opted for its entertaining story and its difficulty, higher than normal and much more stimulating, especially in its more advanced optional challenges.

14. Pokemon Stadium (1998 – Nintendo 64)

Although the logic tells us that we should have chosen its sequel, since it offers twice as many playable Pokémon, we have finally stayed with the first Pokémon Stadium for several reasons.

In essence it was a game where all we did was fight , either with rented Pokémon and predetermined or with which we had trained in our cartridges of Red and Blue in Game Boy (the transfer could do it thanks to an accessory that was included with the title), although of course, this was the first time we could see our favorite monsters re-created in 3D, a jump that for many of us was really shocking after having become accustomed to the pixels of Nintendo’s veteran laptop.

In addition to this impact, which obviously was largely lost with its continuation, it should also be noted that all the battles were commented by a commentator who left us one of the most mythical dubbings of the time (they look like fires of artifice!), who was changed for the sequel without reaching the same level.

Finally, in addition to fighting, both titles included a surprisingly addictive selection of mini-games, although these were much more inspired in the first part, which is why we have stayed with her for this list. In short, a very iconic and brutally challenging game (complete all the glasses was not turkey mosque) that allowed us to experience the battles of the saga with all the spectacle they deserved.

13. Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Pokemon (2007,2009 – Nintendo DS)

Here we have the first game of the main saga to appear on our list. The fourth generation Pokémon left us an extremely conservative title that was unable to advance the saga in the slightest. Until the graphics jump, we came to crave a little scarce for what we expected.

Despite this, the formula of the series has been more than proven in these two decades, so it continued offering an extremely addictive adventure, very complete and with many hours of fun, even if it was limited to doing the usual and its post-game did not reach the level of its predecessors, not to mention a somewhat irregular creatures design.

Here we must highlight its Platinum edition, which solved many of the problems of Diamond and Pearl, leaving us a much more memorable, complete and interesting title that also gave us the joy of recovering the Battle Front of Pokemon Emerald.

12. Pokemon Pinball (2000 – Game Boy Color)

Pokémon Pinball had the honor of being the first spin-off of the series and, at the same time, one of the most addictive. An idea as simple as combining the capture of creatures that has characterized the license with the fun of a good pinball table ended up curdling perfectly.

The title counted on two boards (red and blue), each one with its own characteristics and exclusive Pokémon to capture, whereas our ball was, evidently, a Poké Ball. As we played, we could activate the trip various mechanisms to improve it, travel between regions (in each appeared different monsters) and, of course, find these iconic creatures to capture them ball clean and even evolve.

Of course, the goal was to get the original Pokemon and complete our Pokedex (the data was kept from one game to another), giving us the perfect excuse to throw us one game after another and always feel that we were progressing at the same time We had a great time. An authentic vice that included a special cartridge to add a vibration function to the console and that we felt each of the blows that we gave.

11. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (2001 – Game Boy Color)

Although many may only know Intelligent Systems by Fire Emblem and Paper Mario, the truth is that this veteran and the renowned studio have participated in many Nintendo games, and these have always shown an enviable level of quality. His contribution to the Pokemon world was to create the Puzzle League saga by retaking the gameplay of Panel of Pon , which resulted in two addictive puzzle games (later there would be more, but would no longer be related to the creatures of Game Freak), one for Nintendo 64 ( Pokémon Puzzle League ) and Pokemon Puzzle Challenge for Game Boy Color.

Both titles boasted the same gameplay, consisting of aligning three equal pieces to make them disappear and thus create combos with which to take life to our opponent in a really intense duel in which we had to prevent our chips touching the top of the screen.

We opted for the portable version, as it seemed much more complete and entertaining, in addition to adapting better to the console for its style of play, offering a multitude of challenging long-lasting modes, capture elements, and an enviable soundtrack, plus to be based on the best pokemon games ranked, Gold and Silver instead of the anime, as it happened in sobremesa. What was said: addictive and complete a few. Its quality was such that no subsequent attempt to make a new spin-off of Pokemon puzzles has even come to overshadow it.

10. Pokemon X / Y (2013 – Nintendo 3DS)

Thanks to Pokémon X / Y the interest for these iconic creatures of Nintendo, which seemed to have declined with his previous deliveries, returned to the big thing, becoming one of the best Pokemon fan games of the whole series.

The sixth generation did many things well, including giving a necessary and spectacular graphics jump that became its main claim. In addition, the new creatures had a great design, recovering to some extent the style and charm of the first two games of the series

Unfortunately, at a playable level, it did not contribute much, offering the same (and fun) formula as always, and its contents were not up to par, leaving us with one of the most decaffeinated and empty post-game of the whole saga. Nor did it help the huge downturn that brought in the difficulty of the main adventure, making our journey through Kalos in a real walk.

But, as usually happens in this series, his virtues ended up overcoming his flaws widely, so it remains a highly recommended and enjoyable game for every fan of Pikachu and company.

9. Pokemon XD: Dark Tempest (2005 – Nintendo GameCube)

With this game, we broke the rule of not including more than one installment of the same spin-off saga, since, despite what its title might suggest, it is a sequel to Pokemon Colosseum, although much more focused on the role adventure part than on the Stadium style fighting.

Thanks to it, Tempestad Oscura is presented as a game much bigger, complete, long and polished than its predecessor in every way. The story was much more interesting, the characters were better treated, there were more Pokemon that we could “steal” (almost double), the process of purification of them was considerably improved, and so on. And all this while maintaining the tone and playable bases of Colosseum, as well as its multiplayer modes and compatibility with Game Boy Advance and games of the third generation to give us cakes in 3D.

8. Black and White Pokemon (2011 – Nintendo DS)

With the arrival of the fifth generation, Game Freak returned to the fray with a new game that, in spite of following the same formula as always, knew how to offer us a lot of fun and what is, without a doubt, the best story and narrative that has never had a major installment of the series so far , leaving us with a character as memorable and elaborate as N, who gets us to question many of the conceptions of the Pokemon world.

Not in vain, the final stretch of this title is probably the most epic and surprising of the whole saga, distancing itself from the traditional Pokemon League to culminate in a much more elaborate climax. And all accompanied by a graphic section completely renovated and with really surprising effects for what we were used to seeing in Nintendo DS.

The bad news is that, at the design level of creatures (not in the case of humans), it is the weakest delivery, and the region of Teselia lacked some charm, but, in general, it is a very fun adventure and very complete that gave us many hours of pure entertainment.

7. Black and White Pokémon 2 (2012 – Nintendo DS)

Unlike what usually happens, Pokemon Black and White did not receive the third edition. Instead, Game Freak opted to make a direct sequel to them to take us once again to Teselia, but a few years later, with new players and a completely new story.

The interesting thing is that, despite the obvious recycling and not include a new generation of creatures, rediscovering this region became a very enjoyable adventure since the passage of time had caused many changes in most areas, so that still retained some freshness.

As if that were not enough, the title had a really hard and challenging post-game that recovered the best traditions of the saga, offering us a challenge to match that motivate us to continue playing and strive to overcome it. A pity that from here the difficulty of the series plummeted.

6. Pokemon Conquest (2012 – Nintendo DS)

What if we were to join the historical figures of feudal Japan and bring their wars to the Pokemon world in a turn-based role-playing game? This strange question was the one that had to be made in Koei Tecmo and Nintendo before developing this unusual crossover between Nobunaga’s Ambition and Pokemon , which, unfortunately, never had official distribution in , so the only European version that existed was that of United Kingdom, forcing us to resort to importing to enjoy this great game.

As we say, the result could not be more satisfactory , becoming a warlord with an Eevee that, based on strategic Pokemon battles, had to conquer and unify the Ransei region, challenging other historical warriors and recruiting new troops to join our cause, and all this while we managed our army to be able to ensure the defense of our territories while attacking others.

At an audiovisual and playable level, the title is a real wonder. Perhaps his argument was too simple and it would not have hurt a little more depth and difficulty to the battles, but in general, it was a hilarious adventure, very satisfying and exceptionally long until we proposed to complete all his campaigns after the main story Without a doubt, of the best Pokemon games that have ever been made.

5. Sun and Moon Pokemon / Ultrasol and Ultra Luna (2016,2017 – Nintendo 3DS)

Pokémon Sun and Moon, the most recent generation so far, benefited greatly from the resurgence of Pokemon fever that we live with Pokemon GO since it came out just a few months after the mobile phenomenon, but beyond that, it is the best pokemon games ranked of full right by its own merits.

In fact, in it we have one of the most ambitious deliveries of the entire series , with which Game Freak tried to give a facelift and break with some of its traditional conceptions, giving a new structure to the development of the adventure with the Insular Tour and creating really unique Pokemon with very exclusive details that brought all kinds of new and unprecedented strategies in the competitive field.

In addition, the narrative was enhanced with spectacular video sequences and the “good vibes” breathed in the way of life and understand the relationship with the Pokemon of the inhabitants of Alola was as refreshing as contagious. And let’s not forget the elimination of the heaviness of the Hidden Machines in favor of the best pokemon fan games!

Of course, all this was accompanied by a graphic improvement that exploited the capabilities of Nintendo 3DS to its ultimate consequences, abandoning the style “stubborn” of its predecessors for a more proportionate and stylized. Perhaps his biggest blight was the null difficulty that presented his main adventure, as well as a post-game something scarce and not too interesting, defects this last one that was solved with his Ultrasol and Ultraluna editions.

4. Pokemon Snap (1999 – Nintendo 64)

And we come to the last spin-off of this list, one of the strangest and most surprising that you would expect. How HAL Laboratory was able to make a real game of taking pictures of the Pokemon? It is something that we still ask, but the truth is that its quality and its ability to entertain is beyond doubt.

Actually, the title was a kind of rails shooter in which we were moving through different routes automatically while we photographed the creatures with whom we were in while doing their normal life in their natural habitat. Obviously, our reel was limited and depending on our photos, we would get more or fewer points to complete each tour.

We were evaluated with many criteria, such as the pose of the Pokemon, that there is more than one in the same photo, the size, that we captured a unique or special situation, our technique, and so on. To achieve this, we had different objects that we could use with the environment and pocket monsters to promote these conditions, encouraging us to constantly experiment to solve the “puzzles” that gave us the key to get the best possible picture.

Each tour was so full of secrets and exclusive details that we could repeat them dozens of times and continue discovering new things, something that managed to hook us with astonishing ease and to put hours and hours into the game almost without us noticing. An authentic jewel unique in its kind.

3. Red Fire and Green Leaf Pokemon (2004 – Game Boy Advance)

Finally, we come to the game that started it all or, being more specific, the remake that it received in Game Boy Advance. We will not deny that it has cost us a lot to opt for this version or for the original, as the merit of creating this phenomenon, its global impact and its grateful “simplicity” in nurturing are things that nobody will take away, but valuing it with something more coldness and removing the nostalgia, finally we have bet by Red Fire and Green Leaf in front of Red and Blue.

In general, we find the same mythical adventure that we already lived in the veteran Game Boy, but with completely renewed graphics and including all the playable improvements and content brought by the second and third generation : more creatures, the possibility to run, to play as a boy or girl, the EV and IV, the upbringing, et cetera. Obviously, there were also new areas to explore, challenges to face and a much more interesting and long post-game.

That is, not only was it a much more beautiful game visually, but also playable was much more polished and balanced, making your competitive something much more interesting and fair, but retaining at the same time all the enormous charm that made this adventure all a mass phenomenon.

2. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Pokemon (2003,2005 – Game Boy Advance)

Probably many of you surprised that we preferred to stay with the original versions of Ruby, Sapphire, and Esmeralda before with their remakes for Nintendo 3DS, but, to be honest, we believe that the editions of Game Boy Advance came out more round, especially with regard to Pokémon Emerald.

While the graphics jump was not as big as we expected and the playable formula remained somewhat immovable , Ruby and Sapphire were the first titles in the saga to introduce a major conflict related to certain legendary Pokemon that came to put the world in danger, increasing the scale and epic of our adventures to levels that we had not known until then.

They also playfully introduced certain novelties that ended up defining the entire competitive sector of the series, such as the matches in pairs and the possibility of controlling the upbringing of our creatures through IV and EV. In addition, Esmeralda introduced one of the most exciting and hard post-game of any delivery with the Battlefront, where we expected an infinity of really challenging and complicated matches with special rules, something that was inexplicably removed from his remake.

1. Pokemon Gold HeartGold and Silver SoulSilver (2010 – Nintendo DS)

And the crown is, as many of you have imagined, for the remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver. Anything that we tell you about this game will probably fall short, so if you like Pokémon and have never had the chance to get your hands on it, we encourage you to try to change that.

The editions of Game Boy Color are still, today, the best that has given the saga, offering a gigantic adventure that introduced not one, but two complete regions in all a technical prodigy that we should thank the incredible skills as a programmer of the sadly deceased former president of Nintendo: Satoru Iwata.

New types of Pokemon, 100 new creatures brilliantly designed, a well-adjusted difficulty, an expanded story, Pokémon varicolored, epic and unequaled moments, cycle day and night in real time, and so on. And if that were not enough, thanks to its third edition, Cristal, the story was expanded, the possibility of being able to play as a girl was introduced for the first time and the post-game was extended considerably with the challenging and long Battle Tower.

With all this, it is easy to understand that a game that collects all this base and improves it with all the advances that the saga had made until the fourth generation (graphics included) has become our favorite. And not only that, but it also expands its contents and brings us back a renewed and challenging Battlefront! An authentic pass and, without doubt, the most complete title of the series (and by far). Hopefully, we will see something similar soon.


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Games List

20 Best Tower Defense Games for PC, Android and iOS

If there is a game that lends itself well to the mode of operation of the PC, Android, and iOS, it is the Tower Defense or defense by turns. This genre is born from strategy games and is a kind of simplified version where you just build buildings and not entire armies. Its basic principle is very simple: you have to prevent hordes of enemies from crossing alive a field, the screen of your mobile device in this case. To meet this objective, you have at your disposal various tricks that you can place on the path of your enemies. The towers differ in their efficiency, range of action and speed of attack.

The enemies are more or less resistant and fast, but, unlike traditional strategy games, they do not attack your tricks. That’s why the Tower Defense is ultimately closer to a puzzle than a strategy game: you’ll have to optimize the position and type of turns and not just place as much as you can anywhere. Each round is worth a sum of money and you will quickly be limited in your desires of architects.

1. Castle Creeps

Castle Creeps tower defense game

Another tower defense based on a fantasy world where you will have to face orcs and goblins of all fur to defend yourself. The ability of your defenses and your good work when modifying the strategy in full battle will be indispensable elements if you want to win. Go up to your heroes level if you do not want to be massacred, get new heroes along the way and enjoy one of the best tower defense games for Android.

2. Jelly Defense

A totally crazy game with very simple but beautiful graphics, with a basic game-play that allows for easy fun. In Jelly Defense you become a leader of the resistance of jelly dolls after the invasion of your country by a giant jelly. Warning: the simple game-play may not suit the most demanding players and more accustomed to classic Tower Defense.


we discovered recently OTTD, the best tower defense games for ios. You must be eliminating creatures of all kinds on different planets with defensive towers of all kinds and the help of soldiers that will gradually unlock. Flying sharks, zombies, and soldiers armed with teapots are just some of the oddities you’ll see in the game. Excessive in all its aspects, you will see how the remains of the creatures that you eliminate on the roads accumulate. 100% recommendable.

4. Kingdom Rush Origins

Have you not touched a Tower Defense in your life and only want one to be advised? Well, it will be this without a doubt. Not only the best tower defense games for pc is beautiful thanks to some cartoon-like graphics but its game system, very classic in appearance, hides many subtleties with special powers that the player can trigger at certain times of the game. Powers linked to heroes that must be unlocked and different towers and units to which we must dedicate time to improve them. The game is classic among the classics.

5. Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners 2, on the other hand, is a classic Tower Defense. Yes, the objective is to place towers and other defenses to avoid the waves of enemies and reach the base but these are totally crazy and the enemies and their vehicles so fast that everything becomes an odyssey. The speed and sympathy of the characters make the game fun, funny and absorbing.

6. Radiant Defense 2

The best tower defense games for Android differs from the historical or military line that prevails in the rest of the titles by offering a futuristic environment where the aliens are the enemies. You have more than 10 missions with increasing difficulty that will extend the useful life of the game on your phone. Oro point in favor is that it has no publicity, although there are integrated purchases if you want to make your defense a simpler mission.

7. Plants vs Zombies 2

We never tire of Plants vs Zombies 2. It is the most popular of all that we have named and to reach such a public it is a game with a slightly more simple Tower Defense version but the objective is the same. Choose the most appropriate plants according to the zombies that have to be neutralized to prevent them from reaching the house and eating your brain.

In addition, we must admit that PopCap knows how to engage its players as it creates new levels without stopping, special plants and celebrates all the parties in a very funny way so they never get tired of their fetish game.

8. Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

More wood for our list of best tower defense games, in Realm Defense the action takes place in a fantasy world as it already happens in most genre titles. Death knights, dragons, magicians and ancient gods willing to help you in battle if you show enough skills. You will have to defend the Kingdom of the Allies and face powerful armies that seek total chaos. You have more than a hundred levels and different game modes so that the fun never stops.

9. Toy Defense 2

The lead soldiers used by children around the world to discern neighborhood battles of childhood has been recreated in Android game format in this Toy Defense 2, another successful title within the genre with a military and military inspiration. Almost 300 challenges to face with your army and several additional game modes, including a qualifier that will put you to fight against players from all over the world to see who is the best.

10. TowerMadness 2

Although the price of these games is not too high and frees us from in-app purchases, for what we think is worth the investment, we do not want to stop including some free title. Apart from the most typical Plants vs Zombies, because it is true that there are some very interesting tower defense that we can try, among them, we are going to mention at least Toy Defense , but we have chosen to highlight TowerMadness 2 which is one of the best tower defense games for ios and certainly not without merits, all for the huge variety of campaigns and maps that we have to overcome, in addition to the aesthetics is quite careful, although it falls more on the side of the simple and friendly.

11. Defense Zone 2 HD

The 2 HD defense zone, comes with new opponents, new weapons, more tactics, and action. By playing, you can make your defense effective by selecting the right type of weapon and position. There are three levels, easy, medium and difficult, so choose one according to your abilities. The graphic is excellent too. So, if you’re ready for one of the best tower defense games for Android, go to Play Store and get this game.

12. Grow Castle

What have you always wanted to have a castle? Not everything is so simple in the palace life, sometimes you have to defend the fort of all kinds of monsters like those presented to you in Grow Castle. Only winning battles you will get the money necessary to improve your fort and that no one can overthrow it, and to expand the number of heroes at your disposal, more than 120 in the latest versions and each with its own characteristics.

13. The Defenders

The Defenders,the great game which deserves to be listed as one of the best tower defense games is Defenders, and it’s free with in-app purchases. In this game, you can defend yourself from enemies and destroy them with magic and towers. Some of the key features are more than 25 towers, excellent 3D graphics, and excellent effects, tower defense games, more than 35 types of monsters, a different strategy for each map, missions 23 and more.

14. Sentinel 3

Fantasy is the first trend in terms of environments in Tower Defense. The second is the future, as in Sentinel 3: Homeworld. However, in addition to its futuristic style, we must differentiate another feature.

The player will control a Commander that will have to improve as in a classic RPG. In addition, it will help to repel the enemy and you can choose between a game-play plus hack-n-slash or a more classic Tower Defense. That is, it is a game with a double option, but with drawbacks. Not being a game focused on a single style, the number of towers and possible evolutions of the Commander can be disappointing.

15. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers, is one of the top tower defense games for ios, you will defend the exotic lands of the inhabitants of the underworld, plants that devour men and dragons with heroes and towers. Now you will be prepared to make many strategic decisions. Eleven heroes, more than the enemies of 40 and more than the skills of tower 18 are just some of the features of the game.

16. Bloons TD

Do traditional best tower defense games for pc which seem very violent or bloody? Bloons TD is your solution. In it, you can control a small army of monkeys to eliminate the hordes of enemy balloons (yes balloons). Even so one can not trust such “cute” and innocent graphics because they hide an extremely complete Tower Defense with fifteen different units, many maps, and varied enemies.

17. Robo Defense

Perhaps the best tower defense games on the list are this futuristic Robo Defense. In this game, our opponents are, of course, robots whose objective is to cross the screen map. To avoid this, we will have to build defense towers along the way to end the robots. There are several types of towers and each of them causes more damage to a certain type of robot. Robo Defense has five maps and infinite updates and difficulty levels. It costs 2.19 euros, but we can try the free version before with a map and 11 levels of difficulty. In addition, the best thing is that our progress will be automatically imported from the free version to the paid version if we decide to buy the latter.

18. Fieldrunners 2

Another best tower defense games for Android is Fieldrunners 2, it is free and offers in-app purchases. Defending your world will be addictive and fun, with all the new weapons, explosive traps and more. Bridges, tunnels, upgradeable weapons 20, tons of levels, mines, air strikes and a tower that will turn your enemies into farm animals are just some of the key features of Fieldrunners 2. You will enjoy playing this game!

19. Epic War TD 2

As you can see, among the most popular tower defense games of recent times, fantasy ambiances of a rather light and aesthetic tone predominate where the sympathetic touch is more important than the careful graphics, but if you want a game with a more powerful war ambiance, a darker tone, and quality graphics, all without losing sight of the strategic complexity, there is a very good option that is Epic War TD, where the war moves to the cities and the defense is in the hands of robots and weapons.

20. iBomber Defense Pacific

One of the best tower defense games for ios in specialized criticism. If you like the military strategy and you knew iBomber, this second installment will please you even more. Protect your military base with an infinity of weapons and improvements that you must unlock. Another one of my favorites but with a big drawback: it has not been updated for more than two years, so do not expect it anymore.

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